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livingjack2 Mar 20, 2014 @ 4:21pm
Defeating Fedora (mantis)
You'll see from my last post that I had to go back and fight Fedora again. I got lucky last time, but no matter what I tried on my second time around, I could not defeat her. However, at one point I was standing just by the exit and found I could jump up onto the ledge above the exit. If you succede be careful or you'll fall off she'll get you. But as soon as you are up, swivel left and take out that generator. Fedora should appear frozen below you, so fire on her. Eventualy the electric charge will die and she'll disappear. So immediately take out the generator at your right and she'll appear frozen again below you. I had to repeat this by taking out the 3rd generator (across from me). I barely got firing on her when she collapsed and the death-throws cut-scene cut in.

Be sure to have some heavy weaponry. Just before you enter the door to confront Elizah Cassan, there is a small room with weapons and ammo. I helped myself to a heavy rifle and boxes of ammo for it. Without that, I'd have run out of firepower whilst up on the exit.

Good luck.
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IvanTheChemist Mar 26, 2014 @ 6:11pm 
I had entirely different approach, but a bit heavier on the "preparation".
0. Have a gun with armor piercing.
1. Start the fight with stunning her.
2. Wait for the Stun gun to reload.
3. Swich to Pistol.
4. Take a step to the right.
5. Shoot her in the general area of the head.
6. Notice that this will actually interrupt her actions and she won't fire back!
7. She will start running AWAY from you, conveniently passing behind cover AND close to a generator.
8. Throw an EMP granade in her general direction (behind the wall).
9. Go to the other side of the cover to find her stunned.
10. Fire a few more Pistol shots in her head and she is dead.

Obv. she has Dermal plating. This was discovered by pure luck in my opinion. The damage she is taking is quite real, since the armor piercing Pistol ignores the Dermal plating. Don't be afraid if you don't kill her that fast, remember step 2 - switch to stun gun after she runs away from you a second time and wait for her to come again. Rinse and repeat the Pistol bullets to the head. She can Tychoon you, but you can heal that much in 1 second. If you have a multi-button mouse, try setting controls for Deus Ex - it will make your life a lot easier, but won't be able to show off your skill without your mouse :D
pysgod1978 Mar 27, 2014 @ 8:14pm 
I just typhooned her a few times.
matthew Mar 28, 2014 @ 12:04pm 
I found the revolver with explosive rounds upgrade makes very short work of her, in fact, I think the revolver is probably the best boss killing weapon you can have, as I used it on the remaining bosses without much trouble, didn't even using the typhoon even though I had loads of ammo for it.

and I found her to be the easiet of the four bosses, the first one I think (none DC version) is the worst, and they just get easier. he should have been boss number three IMO,
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