Blackdog Mar 7 @ 3:42pm
HUD floating above where it should be
so I recently re-started the game from scratch, on the same machine I finsihed it on before. No issues my first play-through. The other night, the game crashed on me, so I went to bed. Tonight loading up from "Continue", the HUD is all sitting above where it should be. I tried changing some in-game settings, but can't figure out what can reset the hud so it's on the bottom like it should be. Has anybody else run into this?
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Mercy Killing Mar 9 @ 10:03pm 
Yup. Not only that, but when it happens for me, the minimap also disappears and my energy cells can't be seen. No clue how it happens, however, nor how to fix it. It just seems to happen every now and again when I load the game up.
[ℛef] Edelweiss ✿ Mar 12 @ 2:26pm 
load a previous save to reset the hud, also try setting the resolution really low, applying, then reverting
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Blackdog Mar 13 @ 2:48pm 
I ended up exiting the game, waiting for it to sync with steam cloud, and restarting it and it came back ok and hastn't happened since.
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