Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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It's All A Fucking Joke Aug 17, 2014 @ 6:22am
Is Director's Cut playing through over the main game if I'm not gonna be using any of its additions?
Just like the topic says, I've had HR for quite a while, completed it several times and enjoyed it thoroughly to the point where I got the Director's Cut at launch because of the promised features and improved graphics.
Only, I certainly won't play on anything besides Give Me Deus Ex, so I won't make use of the 2 energy cells recharging instead of 1, I will never do a NG+ in this game, because it'd completely break the experience for me and I didn't mind having to use lethal guns on the bosses even though I always do non-lethal runs (I kept an upgraded Zenith for that purpose and it was a nice change of pace). To top of all that, the Director's Cut just looks worse in every aspect. It's more fuzzy, the cyberpunkish feeling the old lighting and golden neon filter gave it is gone, the shadows are weird often, there are some glitches with the floors and far-off walls in Detroit, the MLAA fuzzyness bug is present and very annoying, while it was absent in the original and it even runs worse. Missing Link, which supposedly uses the same engine as DC ran way better and was smoother and lacked the glitchiness. I don't even get what they've done, but it's really an underwhelming experience. It's cool that you now have the option to kill the bosses without using weapons, but that's the only thing that would impact my playing of the game, and that's not a big deal to me. Is there any other change that I don't know about that would make it worth playing this worse-looking version of HR, or do you prefer the original as well?
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