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Low FPS On NVIDIA GT 755M and i5 laptop.
Just bought Deus EX: HR

I have got low fps on my Lenovo Y510P.
i5, 8gb ram, nvidia GT 755M I have got about 10-20fps

Have tried some fix over internet but with no result:. regedit and changed some registry keys, nvidia inspector with different profiles etc.

I have done some test: I run Deus Ex on integrated graphic card Intel HD4000 - the fps was almost the same in game about 7-13.

Tried to force app too use only NVIDIA card - with no result, disable Vsynch with no result...
wtf is with that optimisation of that game...

Anyone know how to fix that problem???
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Hi I have the same laptop, card and specs, and was planning on buying this game. Were you able to get the framerate issues sorted out ?

Maybe it was a driver issue that's been solved now (I'm hoping)
Ceejay Jul 12 @ 3:04pm 
You know this is a dead thread right? they only played this game for 2.6 hours, last time it was touched was 2014. Though they did play worms briefly in 2016.

i have no idea what op is up to, but they have not even logged into steam for 396 days, they only have 2 games on the account, and the last time on the forums was this message, basically if they are gaming, they are not using steam.

Your not getting a reply from them, better off making a new thread, listing issue, specs and what you have tried to do to fix it.
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Thanks @Ceejay it hadn't occurred to me to check the OP's profile. Yeah I'll make a new thread.
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maxs218 Sep 8 @ 4:49am 
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