BRO BRO PASS THE FLOUR! Aug 1 @ 9:59pm
Destroying giant robots while maintaining ghost?
Im in the FEMA facility, the rejected Gundam is by itself; it somehow hears the EMP falling behind it, triggering alarmed staus and ruining ghost, and i tried using two remote explosives, didnt kill, two frag mines,didnt kill.How much do i need to take it out in one shot?
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Jarek Aug 2 @ 5:51am 
Hope this will help you:
illgib Aug 4 @ 10:04am 
Were are you in particular? You don't need to deactivate all of them you can "easily" overpass them with stealth. Only the last two are needed to be deactivated to let open the heliport, in that case you have to reach the control room in the left tower passed the bridge and hack the security hub. There, no harm!
Trogdor Aug 5 @ 9:51am 
What Jarek said. The enemies going 'alarmed' and even 'hostile' don't necessarily ruin ghost. For example, if you throw a gas grenade at a group of enemies, they will go 'alarmed' when the grenade lands and 'hostile' when it explodes, but as long as every nearby enemy is caught in the gas (i.e. no enemies that aren't in the gas see the bodies), you're fine.

If you want to be extra picky, mines don't make enemies go hostile, as long as the enemy is killed or knocked out by the mine.

I suggest using an inventory mod that allows grenades and mines to stack better, because grenades and mines take up an awful lot of inventory space.
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