Fred Mar 28, 2013 @ 1:30pm
I'm looking for the sector planner for it
I can only find deadlink with a message about asp removed. If you know a way i could get my hand on it it would really be appreciated. Thanks
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Fred Apr 3, 2013 @ 11:39am 
so no one know where to get it? that's sad as it would be really usefull, specialy since in in x2 AI industry don't change unless you destroy them. If i had more time i think i would recreate one, but i think i ll just look wares level and base industry on my guts instead of precise calculation. The thing is that universal trader then to camouflage surplus and shortage from sector...
Kabacus Apr 8, 2013 @ 10:41am 
There is a factory loop calculator here[] if that is of any use.
Fred Apr 9, 2013 @ 1:11pm 
no, what i m looking is a file that take every AI factory into calculation to show you for every ressource where there is shortage and where there is surplus to spot opportunity for sweet factory (plenty of ressource from ai for cheap, and shortage of product going for high price) Once you got few UT going around it can be hard to spot those as you won't be able to spot it only from seeing full and empty factory. Atm, what i do is count # of producing factory in a region of few sector and # of demand industry, but that can be hell of a job when a factory need 2 or 3 ressources type. But it result in a factory running from only 1 demeter BPH supplying at low cost from 1 or 2 sector away and NPC coming buy at high price for close to max profit. (wich mean minimal risk of attack, so far i've never lost a freigther)

Btw, here what i got so far
Kingdom end: SPP
The Wall: Wheat
Menelaus frontier: Teledium
Rolk legacy: Bofu
Great Trench: Bofu + Teladium
Ceo Sprite: Crystal
Light of heart: Crystal
Aleda Hill: Cahoona steak bakery + Scruffin
***(turn out i've needed to place a BPH at least lv 6 and sell scruffin at 21 otherwise NPC goes trougth pirate zone to get their supply into split territory, might be corrected if you place some factory that drain that cheap scruffin into something else, i haven't yet started to set up factory into the split territory. Otherwise, i would say that scruffin was probably my worste factory i ve placed so far)
Akeela Beacon: place is really interesting as it s flush with cheap energy and have instalation of various race from far (like split 25W shield and chelt aquarium, and boron bofu, argon rim fact and ranch, teladi quantum tube wich give lot of posibility for market plug)
I ve placed those factory with only 1 demeter on BPH to purchase only EN @ 11 Cr. chelt at 65 and forgot for argnu beef but quite cheap too)
Wheat + Bogas + plankton (they are use as secondary for argon ranch i ve set price at 21 with cost of 11 and with npc comming buy themself is quite decent)+ Rastar ref. (i usualy buy the 25MW shield for the spit fact for my friegther, i don't know if you don't buy them if you might end up without anymore rastar demand, isn't my case since i never seem to have 3x25MW on my TS
*At first when you are low on money you can actualy supply those 4 factory with only 1 demeter BPH, you just change it Home as each factory is filled with energy, did it for quite a while till i had a fully upgraded M6 Osprey and had enougth Cr. and not the will to borther anymore)
** Also after having place place 4 factory in there and 2 in the next sector, plus having kick start other npc fact. it got harder get cheap energy, so i've placed my own SPP, i've set it up to sell energey at 18 and placed a seller demeter so it would supply npc factory in energy before they get low enought to send a ship get some. Made some money out from it, and kept the cheap npc energy for my own use. The light heart Crystal is quite usefull for it to work properly all the station go buy the crystal at it max price then my SPP rebuy them from it at 1684, otherwise before you place your crystal fact. all base are crystal empty and your SPP will have to be supplied from far)

If you've spot any other good market hole let me know, as for my myself, i'll be checking around the map and start to spot strategic spot for crystal fab all over it.
RansomBoT Apr 10, 2013 @ 12:35pm 
I mainly play t3 but I think t2 is the same where factories can be built up and are not static, should work though
Fred Apr 10, 2013 @ 2:21pm 
no, in X2 AI factory are static, they only change once as at a certain moment in the game, the sector president end is whiped out, and in the sector planner there was a check box to selected if it had been done yet or not. out from that there is no new AI fact. but some can be destroyed by you or xenon if you poke them and leave them be. Dynamic factory started in X3:R.
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