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IceReaper Dec 24, 2013 @ 8:04am
PLEASE devs.. add Modding or Extend this game.
I love soldat, this game entertained me for 5 minutes. There are too few weapons. Controls are not as fluid as they should be... Seriously? I started to look into the game folder and hoped it would be possible to tweak some settings, add more weapons and such... But i simply cannot compensate into words what i found.

+ For the effects, as they are the only thing which is moddable at a point.
- The maps are simply models exported directly from lightwave. There is no single good point into this - shared map objects? Entity-lists? whatever? No. Its simply an artist build them, saved them, thats it.
- Further there are 4 preview images per map (!) Instead of drawing the gamemode image on the map splash image, it has one image per gamemode - pure lazyness? I mean - seriously... A good developer always uses one rule: Never repeat yourself.
- Menu. one image per player color. I mean - common. You can tint everything directly via shader or such. Even the darker versions for the ui elements. This is just a collection of "all possible variations" without anyone spending any love into making this nice.
- Empty folder "Movies" - todo?
- Objects folder. Again straight lightwave exports. Are all the definitions for the player, entities, objects etc hardcoded into the game .exe ? Thats not extensible at any point.

Looking at the folder indicates modding was not intended in any way. Also you can see that this whole thing was rushed. Developers love developing nice things and try to avaid ugly workarounds. But seeing the map images as example indicates this game has been developed to earn quick money...

So PLEASE dear developers, look at ... Doom 3 for example (Not the BFG edition). Thats how such games should be. Develop in multiple layers:

1. Game Engine (c++ code, build into .exe)
2. Game Code (game functionalities, which do nothing on its own)
3. Game Script (if possible as .lua .js, .whatever implementation to let people extend it. custom gamemodes, mods, custom weapons, tools, whatever.. Just load an interpreter, add bindings, link it. Its realy not that hard.)
4. Game Content (Definitions files which populate the game with players, classes, entities, weapons, maps, whatever)

This game could be SUCH fun if it would work like this:
+ game starts up and loads the gamescript in Data\Script\*.lua
+ game now loads all entity definitions in Data\Definitions\*.yml

Want a custom awesome weapon like a dubstep gun? Write a DubstepGun.yml and link it to your .lua object like "Type: Weapon, Script: DubstepGun". Then write a DubstepGun.lua which starts with "DubstepGun = class(Weapon)" (which will extend base weapon class) and voila.

It is NOT that hard to allow a game to become good modable. You can even implement steam workshop into this, so people can upload custom maps, weapons, player classes, gametypes, whatever.

I dont know if the developers are reading this forum, but please, consider getting all hardcoded asset-related stuff out of the .exe and make this thing modable, as the graphics are absolutely perfect for this game. If it will stay in its current stage, people will defenitly abandon this game. So from game developer to game developer -> PLEASE do something. Do you need help on planning? Do you need any other help? Or is this game meant to be like this and thats it?