Full Metal Jackass Mar 6 @ 10:16am
Does not launch !
Someone got a fix for this ?
Crash after flickering screen.
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Nyu Media  [developer] Mar 6 @ 10:34am 
Sorry about that! We're working on it now. Please watch the pinned post for updates.
Acacia22 Mar 6 @ 10:54am 
Most often times it the resolution set to something odd in the config files.

While developers scramble to repair you can try entering -windowed in Steam's Launch Properties for the game (accessed through Properties by right clicking the game's name in your library).

Also look for the Distrib folder in Steam\Steamapps\Common\*Game name* and run those installers manually.

Setting compatiblity (for all users) to Admin helps (this hasn't been a problem for awhile now though).

Also check the games folder in Common to see if there are two seperate executables - one for 32 bit Windows and the other for 64 bit. Then run the appropriate executable - The shortcut might've chose the wrong one.

Try running the game from Steam client instead of shortcut to see if maybe there is another option available.
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Full Metal Jackass Mar 9 @ 7:23pm 
Still not working. Big patch, someone ?
Full Metal Jackass Mar 18 @ 11:00am 
Not launching. When is a proper patch due ?
Full Metal Jackass Apr 17 @ 6:28pm 
One month later... Does not launch, no patch, scarce dev feedback. Very professional.
AbyssalSoul Apr 18 @ 8:13pm 
Did you deleted all game content and redownloaded from Steam just in case? (Sometimes, this solves my crashing issues in some games since Steam has been a bit dodgy with the download speeds recently and it cuts a lot.)

More details would certainly help to try to see what's causing it as on PC the amount of different configuration is basically endless: are you running on a laptop or a desktop computer? Are you using the Windows version or the Linux port? Which version of Windows are you using? 7, 8, 8.1? Could it be missing DirectX information? If so, try installing Microsoft redistributable:


Full system specs could also help determine the problem. (CPU, RAM, video card -check your videocard drivers if you have an Nvidia card!)

Just in case, did you try running it in a windowed screen? (Sometimes, some games have problems with full screen mode in certain monitors.) You can stretch and adjust the size of the window to fit your screen.
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