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tomlubach 21 окт, 2012 в 21:38
no sound
HP pavillion g6 amd processor with 4 gig ram and HD graphics.I'm getting no sound at all.Game plays perfect except for that can anyone help.Havn't tried reinstall yet or anything else for that matter I'm running windows 7 sp1.I'm not really computer savvy so go easy on me.
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Reginald P. Linux 24 окт, 2012 в 15:30 
I've had a similar problem for ages, so it might be of some insight. Anyways, if I launch an ARMA game before I have my audio device plugged in, I won't recieve any sound from the game, yet other software will still output audio. So I just have to relaunch it. T'was a bit annoying, but I switched to a headset-only setup a while back, so it's not of any trouble to me now.
Doubt that is your problem, though...
Then again, if you're not computer savvy, you might not know that most speakers with volume knobs don't actually change the system volume, which you can find in your taskbar. Still, I doubt you do not know that...
Peacemaker 3 ноя, 2012 в 4:59 
I have the same problem damn it. No sound at all. Is it because of Windows 7 ??
Mr Dr Pr Colin 23 дек, 2012 в 19:58 
im on windows 8 and have no sound.
Drod B@ss 27 июн, 2013 в 14:43 
download openAL
got no sound then dwnloaded openAL and my sound came back, good luck
Basilissa Nina 4 окт, 2013 в 10:40 
yeah i think it has something to do with the popup reguarding OpenAL. I have the same issue
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