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My ARMA: Combat Operations crash
every time I open the game, it appears the atari screen and crash, please help me
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same problem here... seems this game is broken :\\\
Harbo 2012年12月9日 17時51分 
I have a similar problem, some people say it is a problem to do with open_al, but I downloaded a new version of open_al and it still did not work :(
Freshy 2012年12月26日 10時42分 
Same :(
Volky 2013年1月2日 20時16分 
My problem is similar, however appears, serial invalid. But I got no serial, when I bought the game ...
I think I know the answer. log out of steam, then go run as adiministrator. This works for all ArmA games
it happened 2 me 2 :(
I think its ure security application. :)

download and install the openAL installer from here
then reboot, and load uo the game and youl be good (:
see yall soon.

MONSTAAA (this will fix your problem for sure)
if you install the 1.18 patch you will have no problems,the problem is the game is not updated throgh steam. this was from a official response on steam forum from developer long time ago...
Definately try what The Fusilier said in above post. I was having all the same problems- crashing at start and no sound. Download OpenAL and you should be away laughing! Ive had no problems since. Its a mere seconds download and installs almost instantly.

Be great to see more people playing!
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1-11 / 11 のコメントを表示
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Arma: Combat Operations > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細