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The Book of Legends Achievement Guide (except Legendary Samaritan)
by Leonia
A guide to getting all the achievements The Book of Legends, except "Legendary Samaritan". Screenshots and video will be provided when necessary. Needless to say, there WILL be spoilers. While most of the information should be sufficient, bear in mind ...
List of Recruits, items and Quests.
by Ciniod
List of recruits, items and quests....
Basic Tips & Info you may not know
by Clead HeavenHell
First time playing? Ok, you may not understand some skills or mechanics, so you went searching for some info and you came here. Well done....
Legendary Samaritan Guide
by Leonia
This is a guide to help with the Legendary Samaritan achievement. There are 28 optional quests in the game, but only 27 need to be completed to obtain the achievement. Each section has the name of the quest giver, where they're located, and what the qu...