Dustpuppy Aug 22 @ 6:35am
Lost Continent?
I have the map for new Horizon. I've been there. I've searched it thoroughly... if that's not the last continent then how do I get there? Does it have something to do with Luis or Mulvet? (I found mention of them for other quests on the boards, but have been unable to find either of them.)
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Finieous Aug 22 @ 9:15am 
The Lost Continent is different from Horizon Island. You learn how to get there as part of the main quest (after your two parties rejoin, head back to the place where Jordan's party went). Once you know where it is, you need to find somebody who will take you there. It is a different person than the one that takes you to Horizon Island.

The other characters have nothing to do with getting to the Lost Continent.
Luis: You can find him ON the Lost Continent.
Melvut: He's found early in the game, but you only get one chance to recruit him. If you miss it, he's not available anymore.
Dustpuppy Aug 22 @ 11:30am 
Thanks that makes more sense now. I just made it out to the continent.
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