Neverwinter Nights 2: Platinum
Tac81st Mar 23 @ 3:42am
Graphics overheat
I recently started to get my game locking up, due to my video card getting too hot. The only thing that has changed is i removed all my games from steam and reloaded only the ones i wanted, including NWN2 Plat.
My video card is s Radeon 7950 Pro (I've removed it, cleaned it, and put that back) and it seems to be working fine.
Any ideas?
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trojanwarlord Mar 23 @ 12:02pm 
Get a water cooler or a large heat sink for your card, While you are at it, get one for your CPU too. My temps dont reach over 50C, whereas they used to reach 100C when I had a factory heat sink. I had to cut my case a little bit (inside) to make the new GFX card heat sink to fit.
LD305 Mar 23 @ 12:12pm 
NwN 2 as old as it is, still demands alot from PC it seems. I have a newer laptop that can play BF 3, and other new games fine..but certain parts in NwN 2 lag out bad.
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