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Horrid Mar 18, 2014 @ 3:08pm
Throwing a hook: NWN1 PW Anphillia? Any interest?
Couple friends of mine got together found a version of Anphillia from another party and we are testing the waters to see if any interest is still out there for that. I use to run a pw Anphillia server back in the day, Antons Anphillia, that was fairly popular. We had about 20 to 40 people or so 24/7. Good times.

We have the itch again just tbh lol. Couple of us are testing the module we have, and adding some tweaks, and honestly once i get the server lined out and see how many might be interested i could get this going next week and start populating.

Plans are to run an old style 2 faction pvp with heavy roleplay Anphillia module persistant world like before. Myself and few others will run DM styled quests at times, and watch for good roleplaying to award accordingly. Those reading this that played on Anphillia years ago or a server similiar will understand. :-)

Again if you have the old NWN games, use to play on an Anphillia server, or whatever and you MIGHT be interested, just drop a line in this post...

Thanks! Have a Great Day!!!!

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Horrid Mar 22, 2014 @ 10:59am 
Offer still applies. Server semi up and running. Just leave a comment or message me thru Steam.
Pingu Jan 17 @ 11:24pm 
Is this still a thing?
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