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Spooky  [developer] Mar 20 @ 8:48pm
FAQ, Tips & Links

Note: Controls can be customized by holding down the ‘SHIFT’ key on PC or the ‘OPTION’ key on Mac when initially launching the game.

WASD/Arrows: Walk
Tab: Switch Camera View (TPV-FPV)
Click + Drag: Move Camera
LMB: Select Object/Word
RMB: Open/Close/Animate
Mouse Wheel: Zoom In/Out
Q: Open Vocab List
E: Open To Do List
Ctrl: Component Modifier Key
Shift: Crouch (hard to see words)
Spacebar: Add word to Vocab List
Backspace: Skip (time attack)
F11: Fullscreen Toggle Hotkey
Esc: Pause/Close Menu
R: (R)omaji Mode (latin chars)
F: (F)urigana Mode (other chars)

  • Double Click on objects for info!
  • Spacebar also adds words to your list!
  • Hold CTRL to select child objects.
  • Earn stars by mastering words in Time Attack & Fly By Mode!
  • Get a word correct 3 times in a row to master it and earn a star!
  • Spend stars to unlock Adjective & Verb tabs on various Nouns!
  • Master 50 words to unlock Fly By Mode!

Additional help can be found Here.[]


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