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Dr Jan Itor Jul 4, 2014 @ 4:29am
The Drox Guild - Are they incompentent, or actively seeking to sabotage your success?
The mandatory missions and pre-mission criteria can force you into some entertaining positions; whether it be from trying to keep the galatic underdog alive, to forming a treaty with the very people currently attempting to melt your face.

However, it gets dramatically unfun when you are given 1 hour to completely destroy the most powerful and populous faction (38 planets, 200 ships) RIGHT before you got everyone to hold hands and sing songs. (even the DRAKK were okay with playing nice)

Everyone is allied with the Drox's target (Dryads) - which means, either I can spend the next 20 mins breaking that alliance I just made, or wardec and have every single person in the galaxy be out to kill me.

Would it be possible for us to be able to tell the Drox Guild leaders to cram an asteriod up their waste elimination orifice without having to disable their ingame interactions?
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sahornback Jul 4, 2014 @ 5:53am 
I had them once demand that I make one race, with whom I was at war, the most powerful. That race had only one planet which I was in the process of destroying when the Drox quest appeared. That planet had about 1 - 2% health left. One monster ship came along and one-shot the planet - sector lost. I set Drox Guild Involvement to Minimal ever since. I did complain to Steven (designer) about some of the ridiculous no-win scenarios.
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Tuidjy Jul 4, 2014 @ 11:07am 
I do not know of even one long time player who keeps the Drox Guild involvement above minimal.

I turn it on about once a month, just to see how ridiculous it gets. It is possible to control the sector so that no matter how stupid the task, it will not be impossible - by keeping races moderately strong, by keeping them moderately happy with each other, by killing off the ones that really do not get along with anyone, and especially by getting a feel for the way Drox quests get generated, and keeping one active for long enough to get the sector in a state where the next quest won't be impossible no matter what.

But as a rule, Drox involvement above minimal is an added a challenge for masochists who are very familiar with the game, not a setting for people who are just learning the ropes.
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Tecuani Jul 5, 2014 @ 8:27am 
I guess declaring war on the Drox guild would go against your sacred code of honour or something like that, even if most of us don't tend to hold up any code when interacting with other factions. ^^
Tuidjy Jul 5, 2014 @ 11:23am 
Yeah, the code of honour spelled out in that little gizmo all operatives got implanted in their skull, right behind the brain stem, the one often mislabeled as Charge, Shaped, Remotely Activated.
XorUnison Jul 26, 2014 @ 3:22pm 
I think the idea is great, the implementation... yeah, it's been said above.

In the beginning I sometimes had Drox quests which were cool, in terms of simply changing my priorities, for example from dicking around and making up a strategy to exploring the whole sector within 40 minutes because I had to activate all gates, that was actually fun. Then I had some stupid and annoying quests, no real rewards for them as well, and that was when I also switched to minimal.

Edit: Yeah just for good measure I also got another ridiculously stupid quest. The Hezog "need" my help. I mean, damnit the Hezogs belong to the ancients, always annoy me and sabotage my goals, and I'm always at war with them, and even if I wanted to getting on their good side it would be impossible since they're ancients. Not to mention the Hezog so far have been doing well in every run I had, except for right after I got the quest, when they suddenly fell to monsters making me lose the sector. It was the first challenge sector when I was level 22, because I started a new character and forgot about the challenge sectors for a while. Come on.

But I mean, the Drox guild telling me to save the Hezog? Do I have to get myself killed 5 times within 5 minutes the next time to not lose a sector?

On a more funny note, I wouldn't mind hearing some more stupid stories about those quests, more examples could also help the developers fix this mess if they're willing to.
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