INS Shalindra Mar 9, 2014 @ 7:51pm
Was almost interested - Until i saw UIG was involved
Having made the mistake a couple times before with UIG games. I refuse to purchase anything else published by them. They shouldn't even be allowed to sell products on steam. I havn't seen a single product by them that has ever been completed. had the bugs patched out, or any support after initial launch.

This company should be banned from publishing on steam or any other company so they can learn to complete a game first.
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Power Mar 10, 2014 @ 3:18am 
I will share the warning I did with the reddit gamedeals community about these shysters:

This is by the far the shadiest most deceptive developer and publisher out there, be warned, their line up consists of slovic sweatshop pump and dump titles developed on a 10 year old inhouse game engine that is total garbage and struggles to pull double digit frame rates even on top of the line hardware not to mention most are simply unfinished and contain total game breaking bugs and never get updated. They are one of Steam consumer group Caveat Emptor(CE) worst rated developers.

This is scam/abandonware at it's finest, do yourself a favor and read over the numerous threads in steam forums for each of their games begging steam to step up and stop carrying this developers trash and if that isn't enough read some of their product reviews for a good laugh. This type of developer should not be supported by any means and has single handedly destroyed the reputation of the entire simulation market with their utterly broken and deception based cash grabs.

You've been warned, if you purchase anything from this developer you will regret it. We need user created tags to rate developers like this. These guys belong in the court room right next to scam artist that prey on the elderly. What you are witnessing are the death throws of a pump and dump developer who's trying to create a retirement fund by tossing every turd they have left at steam, if you got suckered into purchasing one of their bug ridden and nearly unplayable games and aren't happy make sure you let steam customer support know by submitting a ticket, eventually when enough people complain these turds will have their ability to scam people revoked, at least with steam.

And if that wasnt enough look into their KGB 1953 fiasco where they stole Phobos' 5 year old DRM free game, changed the name and rushed it through greenlight.
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