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Jerc  [developer] Feb 5, 2014 @ 10:42pm
Q: How long will the beta run for?
A: The Open Beta will run until we (and you) are satisfied enough with the product.

Q: Will I get the full version once the Beta ends?
A: Yes, your Beta license will switch to a full non-commercial Steam license and you will also get a standalone key.

Q: Why Steam?
A: Steam allows us to deploy the beta updates in a much simpler, faster and direct way and to make sure everyone uses the right build at the right time. Steam is awesome.

Q: What are the minimum specs?
A: We don't have any official minimal specs yet, but the GPU is what matters with Substance Painter. A Nvidia 5xx or an AMD 77xx series should be enough to paint comfortably.

Q: When will Substance Painter be released?
A: When it's ready.

Q: Painting is very slow when in PBR mode, why?
A: The shader quality setting can kill performances on a low end GPU, make sure to select the right quality setting depending on your rig, Medium is usually enough to get a good preview.

Q: How do I bring my own images and alphas?
A: In the first beta builds, you have to use the File -> Import Image menu. You can select all your images at once, they will then appear in the Shelf window.

Q: Can I create my own particles preset?
A: Not yet, we are still working on the tools you will use to create them. You can tweak the ones that come with the tool and save them as separate brushes though.

Q: I'm missing a feature, what should I do?
A: There are a lot of things still missing! Chances are, what you are looking for is already on our list but in doubt, use the Community Hub to share your request with the other testers, this will help us prioritize development on our end.

Q: I found a bug!
A: Use the in-app bug report form through the Help menu of Substance Painter. You can also complain on the forum.

Q: Can I contact you directly to chat about Substance Painter?
A: You can add me as a friend through Steam, my Steam name is "Jerc". I'll be happy to help and all those new friends will surely boost my Steam-Ego.

Q: What will be the pricing at official release?
A: Substance Painter non-commercial: 149$ per seat
Substance Painter commercial: 590$ per seat
Upgrade from non-commercial to commercial: 441$

Q: Will I be able to purchase Substance Painter outside of Steam?
A: Yes, Substance Painter non commercial and commercial beta will be available on Allegorithmic's Website in a few weeks. Those who buy the non commercial beta from Steam will automatically get a standlone license as well when it's available.
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Substance Painter 1.x > General > Topic Details
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