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nights007 Aug 5, 2014 @ 12:42am
Generating AO maps for Painter
How can I easily generate AO maps for my models to put in Painter? It would be great if Painter could support this so we dont need to switch between apps, but if this is not an option, could anyone explain how to export with the right settings from Zbrush? (I imagine Substance Designer can do it somehow, too).

The demo model seem to have AO maps available to it already, where does those come from and how are those stored?

Thanks so much!!
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Substance Designer can generates de AO maps yes, and SD use the CPU to compute the AO maps.
unforutnality i do not use Zbrush to bake anything. but with SD and because i am not happy enough with the Time/result with SD I finally stopped to use it and have a real preference for maya Turtle renderer, that really save my butt and my time . Turtle uses the GPU to compute the AO map, it give me nice and very fast result, AA passes are very fast too to generate compared to SD /xnormal. i get render 16k map and then downgrade the size of the map to 4k and that give me an equivalent of the AAX4.
Xnormal is probably the best tool to make the job, but also take a long time to compute with my computer config. So if you don't own maya i guess that xnormal should be your best choice, from my opinion.
ifnally after many test, i wont recommend Turtle for any type of baking, SD or xnormal give me nice result into Unreal Engine 4.
nights007 Aug 6, 2014 @ 8:49pm 
thanks ForcelessMind

i do have access to maya at work.

so besides the time it takes to generate through SD ( probably just once per model anyway ), is the AO map of the same quality as the one xnormal can generate, as much detail etc i mean? (i looked through a xnormal tutorial and seem to offer extreme control over AO)
of course Zbrush offer lots of different AO , but there are quite a few steps to paint it after masking etc so a pure AO generator would be neater.

BTW, if any Zbrush artists are reading this, feel free to offer advice on how to export AO maps best from Zbrush to Substance Painter!
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Substance Painter 1.x > General > Topic Details
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