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AgustinCordes  [developer] Feb 4, 2014 @ 7:16am
Upcoming update to Serena: New features and fixes
Here's what we're working on for the upcoming date. Thanks to all the kind offers to translate Serena! We will definitely credit you in the game and here in the forums :)

  • New library shelf with more books!
  • New easter egg!
  • Support inverted mouse look
  • Following languages confirmed: Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and more
  • Release of commented source code

  • Quit confirmation
  • Improvement of audio volume levels

Bug squashing:
  • Fix for ending sequence on Windows XP
  • Fix for the inability to leave zooms (i.e.: bookcase)

More fixes may make it to this update. We're not sure about the date but likely within the next two weeks. Stay tuned!
Serena > General Discussions > Topic Details