=AJSA= SolOmega Apr 13 @ 6:03pm
If you read Loic's directions on making old mods work and didn't understand...
Lemme help you.
Don't worry. You don't NEED to go through workshop (unless it's for skins, but I'll get back to that later). You can still use the old mods. You just gotta do some renaming and relocations.
I'm going to assume you know how to work around the game's files for this.

Make a new folder under Mods. Rename the folder whatever you want the skin name to come up. Copy paste/click and drag it (the skin mod) in there, rename the skin as "character_skin" and presto!
If for some reason it looks butchered and distorted (like a foot for an arm) then you need mapping. Which you can get from downloading the Fin Mod or Sports Wear Mod in Workshop. The mods should also appear under Mods folder if you download it.
Should be called "skin_sprites_areas." Copy it, and then paste it in your skin mod folders of old (pre-workshop) skin mods. That should fix it. I would personally use Sports Wear Mod because it's closer to default Melody. I think...

Background Colors?
Similar to skins.
Make a new folder under Mods. Rename the folder whatever you want the color scheme to be. Copy paste/click and drag the color mod into the folder. Rename the mod "colors" and voila!
Good to go.

As far as I know, all the hair mods are under Workshop, so I havn't had to do some reorganization and crap.
I'm guessing it's going to work the same way. New folder under Mods. Rename it whatever you want the hair to be called. Copy paste/click and drag the hair mod into the folder and rename the mod "hairstyle" and you're good.

As far as I know, this makes the custom hair/skin/color folders obsolete. I wouldn't delete them though.
Hope this helps.

If I got any of this wrong and want to call me out on it, or you have a problem I didn't adress, feel free to post. Go for it.
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Loïc  [developer] Apr 14 @ 1:57am 

I think I forgot to show all filenames as the hairstyle sample has no texture yet.
Here they are:

Skin: "character_skin.png", "skin_sprites_areas.xml" (xml optionnal)
Hairstyle: "hairstyle.png", "hairstyle.xml" (png optionnal)
Color: "colors.txt"
King Arthur Apr 14 @ 8:03pm 
Thanks a lot.
Very useful guide!
Sea Artist Solace Apr 15 @ 6:05am 
Thanks! Very helpful.
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