God of Wolves Apr 20 @ 4:39pm
Mouse Lag Fix For RCT3!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i found this on online and it works :)

1.go to search
2.type Magnifier
3.set to 100%
4.Run RCT3

i have amd driver 13.12 and you have to open magifer each time you play

i have Widows 8.1

lag be gone

i hope this works for everyone

p.s plz post this some where else for all to in joy

post a thanku
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Calvinhermseee Apr 24 @ 2:03pm 
Seems to work, only 1 issue: Now I can't see my mouse ingame.
helpusobi 1 Apr 26 @ 12:55pm 
update 14.4 actually fixed the game for me
Clyff Apr 29 @ 1:11pm 
Nice, i stopped playing the game because of this bug. Ty !!
Quemical May 12 @ 12:01am 
Finally! 14.4 indeed finally got rid of the lag.
Calvinhermseee May 12 @ 2:13pm 
Installing 14.4 now :D
Spawn May 19 @ 12:24am 
Just confirmed what the others have said, amd catalyst driver 14.4 have cleared up the mouse lag issue for me on an HD 5770. I am SO happy to have a functioning game finally!
FreeQuebec86 May 28 @ 8:26pm 
14.4 for the win !
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