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Dalí Llama Aug 14 @ 8:58am
Unplayable Frame Rate
The game runs between 5 and 10 fps and I can barely even use the menu. I have disabled my secondary monitor and my card supports stage3d. Any ideas?
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Dalí Llama Aug 20 @ 5:46am 
No one? Ah well, I already had a lot of fun with this on IOS & only picked up my second copy on a bundle, so I can't complain ;) Still fancy the TV/controller experience though. Hopefully it'll work better for me in the future when I have new hardware, or there will be a future patch.

If anyone has the same problem and a solution though, please let me know :)
TreeFortressGames  [developer] Aug 20 @ 12:53pm 
Hey Dali, what gfx card is it?
Dalí Llama Aug 20 @ 5:25pm 
Sorry to bother you about this, it's a Radeon HD 5870. Cheers.
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TreeFortressGames  [developer] Aug 21 @ 8:06am 
Ouch, that's brutal. It should work with a card that new... I'll see if we can file a bug with Adobe about it.
Dalí Llama Aug 21 @ 8:34pm 
Thanks very much. I'm planning an upgrade in the near future for some of the newer titles that I'm currently holding off on (as wonderfull as it is, I didn't expect Bardbarian to be on that list lol). I already had a lot of fun with it on the ipad, so no worries if I just have to be patient till then ;)

Congrats on a fun and addictive game by the way, and best of luck with future endeavours.
Marc Aug 23 @ 3:24am 
Hi, I just went to play the game after a few months and i'm getting the same problem on my GTX 660 but I've played the game on this pc before without any problems.

Tried disabling SLI, and updating AIR to the latest version but it made no difference
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madclown Aug 31 @ 3:49pm 
I have the same problem with Marc. Few weeks ago, I was able to play the game without a problem but right now, I have very low fps.
metatron Sep 4 @ 7:17am 
same problem, I have a radeon 7850
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