litecam  [developer] Feb 24 @ 11:07am
Crashes? Then send these files to
Hello everyone,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us below 2 files for resolving the issues.

How to create and export below 2 files;

1. System Information
1-1) In Window XP, Vista, and 7: Click Start on the task bar > All Programs > liteCam > liteCam Info > You will be prompted with the 「System - Info」 dialog box.
1-2) In Windows 8:, Modern UI Start Screen>Select liteCam HD Info>You will be prompted with the 「System - Info」 dialog box.
2) Click File > Save from the dialog box. This will save your system information as a TXT file and you can send this file.

2. *.log” files
You will find the “Logs” directory from liteCam’s work directory in your system. (\My Documents\liteCam\Log's Directory) There will be “*.log” files saved in the directory.
Please zip the files and send it to us.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
liteCam HD Team
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Ethan Feb 24 @ 11:35am 
Just fix it in an update for god sake.
litecam  [developer] Feb 24 @ 6:41pm 
Yes, we decided to update the program tonight.
SuperS1ime Mar 1 @ 11:25am 
When window with admin password appears, i type it, nothing happens. Tried A LOT of times. Just wasted my money.

PS I also reinstalled, restarted computer, steam. Nothing happened.

Please FIX!!
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Muskelmann Mar 1 @ 1:35pm 
why the ♥♥♥♥ not works?
Muskelmann Mar 1 @ 1:37pm 
i get my money not back,i pay and the prog doesnt works!!!why you sale anything!!!
Muskelmann Mar 1 @ 1:40pm 
litecam  [developer] Mar 12 @ 7:45pm 
@Muskelmann, an Update was released on Tuesday. Please update you liteCam and try recording your gameplay or videos.

Thank you
liteCam Team
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