pc gaming crow 24. helmi, 2014 21.39
Dismemberment in the future ?
Like in blade of darkness where you could cut your enemies limbs off during their death animations like this: http://youtu.be/t8hI5VEmijY?t=17m49s
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pc gaming crow 24. helmi, 2014 21.43 
http://youtu.be/NLf0dQgWp4E?t=48s you see he just cuts his head off and it works very well.
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kawagatam 25. helmi, 2014 9.04 
i hope there isnt too much decapitation. Its seriously unrealistic. It often takes executioners with axes and still targets several tries to fully remove the head. a little every now and again, from a lucky blow is okay though. i'd prefer limb damage like fallout, where if you smack someone in the arm with a mace, its broken and they cant use it.
pc gaming crow 25. helmi, 2014 9.41 
Yeah i already mentionned fallout's system in another thread i made but the dev just wont answer...
ekcell  [kehittäjä] 25. helmi, 2014 9.50 
Limb and body part damage are certainly a serious consideration to be in the game. The thing with decapitation and dismemberment is that we are trying to keep out over-the-top gore. I'm sure modders will want to put that stuff in, but as far as the general game is concerned we want to keep it at a level where most people feel comfortable playing it.

That's not to say we want it to be a "kid's game" we are definitely going to have a game that an adult can enjoy and be satisfied by, but some people aren't super keen on excessive gore.

As far as mechanics go, we will have satisfying ways to destroy and finish your enemies, I promise :)
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pc gaming crow 25. helmi, 2014 10.01 
Thanks !
pc gaming crow 25. helmi, 2014 22.22 
You could put the option to disable the dismemberment and mutilations just like in BoD. There are mutilations too like if you get hit in the back you get a mutilation on your back, it's very detailed for a 2001 game !
THE RUINS TILESET SPIDER 26. helmi, 2014 18.20 
Separate HP for each body part would be lovely.
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