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jspoo Jan 10 @ 7:58pm
So, I've been wanting to build a form of doomsday weapon, one that could display a "too damaged" text on the screen upon clicking the middle mouse button. I've been working for a while at a creation of mine, featuring 9 large particle cannons, and a ship made entirely of batteries. I'm running into a lot of trouble with being able to oneshot ships, as it isn't able to do enough damage for what it's worth. I'm able to oneshot Krakens, but they're mainly made of wood. I'm just barely able to create a crater in Bulwarks, but that doesn't even destroy them! There has to be something I'm doing wrong, and I was wondering if any helpful veterans could PLEASE assist me in finding the right stats for my battleship bludgeoner! I'll post my blueprint so people can see what's wrong with it.
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jspoo Jan 10 @ 8:11pm 
Uploading is messing up a bit, I'll try again >:(
How many particle tubes do you have on each particle cannon? Also, make sure to press q on cannons themselves and mess around with the settings.
Particle Cannons are essentially scalpals. They are good for cutting into blocks of armor, if you get the accuracy under control. If you want a weapon that will carve out huge chunks of ships, I would suggest heavy CRAMs. I would try a 2:1 Explosive to Fragmentation pellet ratio. (Although, a more complex system could involve a 3:2:1 Explosive to Fragmentation to Hardener). If your mind is set on using PACs, though, I would try coiling the tubes and using two loops and a terminating tube. Try to get these systems at at least 400 for each loop and about 200 for the terminating. They will be clunky as hell, but you should get considerable damage.
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An Ning Jan 11 @ 2:40pm 
if you want 1-shot-mass0ve-damage stuff, you don't use CRAM guns, you use 500mm adv guns with 8m shells and railgun assist on speed and accuracy.

Alternatively, you could make constant-fire lasers with 1000 damage.
It ould use insane amounts of power, but it would work.
jspoo Jan 11 @ 4:34pm 
Alright, I finally have it uploaded. It's called the Schlachtschiff Konigsmord (sorry it's hard to spell, it means something in German I forgot :D). Those are very good points, but I worry that, without particle cannons, I won't be able to get through shields.
I recognize Konig = King, but I dont know enough german yet to decypher the rest.
King-Killer Battleship, or something to that effect.
jspoo Jan 15 @ 2:09pm 
Ya I think that's what I initially intended to name it
particle cannon is for ignoring shilds and armour and removing massive chunks of eessential components and leaving a few holes in hull, for the effect I think you are going for the beam laser at 750+ damage or MASSIVE rapid CRAMS or APS would be better
jspoo Jan 17 @ 4:35pm 
An Ning Jan 17 @ 7:29pm 
There are no "massive rapid crams", though

you can make a bunch of rapid crams or a bunch of massive crams, but crams have a set min reload time (min for 2000 is around 15s, if I recall correctly).

constant-fire lasers are really the closest you would come to it.
A close second would be massive numbers rapid-fire adv 500mm guns with 8m shells.. because dv guns (despite their greater lethality) don't have set minimums for reloads or cool times.
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