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How does one turn a Submarine/ Spaceship
Its always been a dream of mine to build submarines and Spaceships in this the main problem i cant turn them... Als does my sub need to be balanced like and airship?
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ion jets facing left and right on the front and back. Setting them to "Thruster" mode will allow the AI to use them appropriately.
Submarines can turn using rudders, just like ships. Make sure they don't roll too much though.
Sideways thrusters will work too, as will a combination of both.

In space you'll need ions though.
Tanis Jan 6 @ 12:41pm 
Thank you so much!!!! i will try this out and see if it works.
Tanis Jan 6 @ 1:27pm 
So far it does not seem to change the direction of my ship it just keeps going in a straight line. i have several ion thusters on the back and on the front (2 on each side and in the back and front so 8 in total) all facing into the ship and on the inside i have 3 thrusters facing out of the ship.
Tanis Jan 6 @ 1:29pm 
and they were all auto set to thruster
the thrusters in the back need to be set to Reverse Thruster, that would explain why your sub aint turning, they cancel each other out
Tanis Jan 6 @ 5:37pm 
alrighty i was talking spaceship but yea ill check
Also, you stated "On the inside i have 3 thrusters" --Do you mean you have thrusters in an encosed area? If so, thrusters do not work that way. They need at least 5 blocks of space in front of them in order to work (or 15 blocks, I can't remember).
Tanis Jan 12 @ 9:42am 
Yea i have messed around with it and have taken all the thrusters on the inside out and have set it up like above but it stillwont turn
Doge Jan 12 @ 10:13am 
Set aerial ai degrees until roll to turn to 180. (I think it's the second option)
Tanis Jan 12 @ 10:15am 
Allrighty I will try that in a bit
Doge Jan 12 @ 11:51am 
Let us know how it goes!
If you want you can also upload it to the workshop and we can take a look at it for you.
Tanis Jan 13 @ 7:53pm 
that would be great at this point im just trying to get it to work. dont have a ny guns just the metal hull bit busy with a broken server at the moment will upload in 10-20 mins
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