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Shadowrun Chronicles - Boston Lockdown

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Merkerrinja  [developer] Mar 31, 2014 @ 11:03am
Feedback on GamePlay Experience!
Hoi Chummers,

We're very curious to hear about your feedback on playing this Early Access version. For a better overview and structure, I'd like to ask you for the first five things that stuck out to you, either good or bad:

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pprou Mar 31, 2014 @ 11:06am 
#1: cool graphics - suit the shadowrun feel
#2: Simple combat so far i hope will expand with updates and more spells/guns etc...
#3: Great sound
#4: server connection lost in mission 2. Game closed.
#5: Its shadowrun! REASON ENOUGH TO BE GOOD!
~feather~ Mar 31, 2014 @ 11:06am 
Okay, first impression. The game mechanics are simplistic but solid.

1: Missions are too short and maps are quite small (actually more like mini) but i expect this to be bigger and lengthy on final release, considering it's early access it's 'just nice' for an introduction and perfect for newcomers.

2: The biggest drawback for me is that there is no option for me to swap between team members to make a more tactical planning.

3: Items are non-existent as of yet, bit disappointed in that respect as the damage dealt by multiple enemies are BRUTAL.

4: And might I suggest a right-click/drag for map scrolling as there seems to be no edge panning, and key scrolling just seems too tedious.

5: Voice scripting is refreshing. Keep it up. Also, it would be nice if the enemies does the same.

Overall, I like it and definitely seems to be heading in the right direction.

P.S. This is only first impression as I only have played the first 2 maps. Will post more recommendations on later dates.
D. Schmidt Mar 31, 2014 @ 11:24am 
Bad: I am starting with the bad, because bad news is usually always first. that way when you are done readin, you will pay more attention to the good stuff, and be like: Yaaay! ;)

#1 Even though the characters are premade, i would like to see some improvement from scenario to scenario. Or just a mix of different types (i know this comes down the road, but still my opinion)
#2 I'd like to see some items. grenades and especially healing. The reason for this is not just more stuff, but because it adds to the experience of combat as well.
#3 A bug that cause the game to freeze, or "loose connection to the server" (Or is this because its all run on your own servers, and not client side?? If so you might want to consider that first section of missions to be just that. Like a tutorial for the future, that runs on the pc, and not server mainframe)
#4 I would like to see a difference in cover. Like if you are standing behind a wall, or a crate. The cover shouldnt be the same.
#5 The scenarios in the mission arent that long. And everything is done by shooting (the panels and the freezers). I would like an option to just push the button instead. Even if it doesnt serve a purpose.
#6 Magic. Just like in the tabletop, as i mage i want the option to overcharge my spells. It annoyed me that SRR didnt have that either. I want to choose the ammount of force i throw behind my magic. And pay the consequences if it fails!
#7 character sheet. I know we cant make our own characters. But i would like to see the stats on the premade ones. So i have an idea of how strong or weak they are.

Good: And now to the good parts.

#1 Graphics. I actually find the graphics nice to look at. There is alot of different things to watch. It gives a good sense of being on a run. While it can always be better, i find the graphics to be very good.
#2 gameplay. Its easy to use. When it doesnt bug out ;)
#3 Healthboxes. yeah it seems stupid, but actually i like the fact that it reminds so much about the actual tabletop game. That you dont have 200Hp, but certain amount of healthboxes instead.
#4 Mission segments. Its nice to see the missions are divided up, as i said earlier some of them could be a bit longer. But its nice to not have a mission that takes 2 hours to complete :/ And you dont have to start from the beginning, you just restart from that section (although that maybe should be optioned out on "hardcore" rules or something like that.
#5 its Shadowrun...!

HappyZavulon Mar 31, 2014 @ 12:11pm 
In the end I was unable to resist buying this since I am too big of a SR fan.
So after playing the first two missions, here is my assessment:

#1: The lack of basic features like switching characters, overwatch and mouse camera movement made the game feel much worse than it is, the first two killed a lot of tactical options.

#2: The soundtrack was quite nice and felt suitable for a Shadowrun game.

#3: The game felt really lagy, the characters were teleporting around while moving and there was a significant stutter in the sword swing animations.

#4: The game looked pleasant, but the UI feels like it was made more for a tablet, rather than a PC (SRR also suffers from that issue).

#5: All of the cover is the same, that's kind of strange to be honest, a plastic barrel shouldn't be comparable to a cubic meter of steel.

So far this feels like a poor man's X-com, which I can forgive for now since this is alpha, but the lack of basic features kills all the fun from the game, at least for me.
Hopefully the game will get polished enough to be worth the purchase.
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Ignotus Mar 31, 2014 @ 12:12pm 
#1: The GUI is simple enough. Bad side is there are only few options (yet?).
#2: Covers and almost no FOV. A copy machine has the same advantages like a chair or 3 meters of concrete wall.
#3: Graphics and music / sound are good. I liked the chatter of the characters. Health is handled like in the last SR rules:higher Body = more boxes.
#4: Relatively short, but hard levels. You need fine tactics or good luck. Not able to set a character to guard (delay acton) or switch between them.
#5: Server shutdown. Is there a need for constant connection for the single player part? In my opinion it would be enough to send the results of a run (like success, found/used items, choises).
CorvusCorax Mar 31, 2014 @ 12:21pm 
Please add: (imporatance from top to bottom)
#1: Switching between characters during the mission, this game should be tactical, right?
#2: Overwatch/guard mode
#3: More graphics options - looks good, however more antialiasing would be nice etc..
#4: Try to do more then just cover, stand/crouch-duck/crowling would be nice
#5: Weapon add ons - thermo vision/night vision/scopes-targeting systems/bayonets - some add ons with impact on game play and particular style... e.g. gas/flashbank/grenades would be perfect
#6: Cooperation mode will be better and more enjoayble then skirmish, hope even more rewarding
#7: Please try to cash in on cosmetics and not on stuff with huge impact on gameplay (weapons, abilities, spells) - at some point you will have to enable free to play, so why not from the beginning? Involve us - players to the storytelling and give us ability to create own world (sand box mechanics would be nice) - not just creating factions however shaping whole world.

Thank you for the game... however long way to go... we can help you, please give us right tools to do it
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primetide_dev  [developer] Mar 31, 2014 @ 12:38pm 
Thanks for your feedback! Keep it coming and we keep listening!
iamthestupid Mar 31, 2014 @ 12:39pm 
#1: Please, please, please add in mouse camera movement. It's frankly more than a little awkward to use WASD.
#2: I only played the first mission, but it felt incredibly generic. I read the story at the beginning of the mission, but during the mission there was no dialogue related to the description, then the mission suddenly ended when I killed the last baddie. At least let me choose when I leave the map so I can take a look around and not feel like I'm just playing in a shooting gallery.
#3: I like movement range colors and the cover shields. I think they're better than in SRR
#4: There's no way to see how much ammo I have left. If there is an indicator, it wasn't intuitive and I could not find it.
#5:There was no way to see how much AP I had either. If there was an indicator, I also couldn't find it.
primetide_dev  [developer] Mar 31, 2014 @ 12:48pm 
4)- there are little boxes in the weapon pic that show ammo count (no ammo for magic)
5) it is always: shooting ends turn, moving and reloading one action
pesco Mar 31, 2014 @ 12:54pm 
#1: graphics and sound (!) are nice.
#2: feels much more lethal than Shadowrun Returns, i like it. in general, the combat system feels close to what i remember from pen&paper Shadowrun - cool.
#3: no "overwatch" but i don't mind; maybe this makes the tactics a little different?
#4: sometimes i forget to reload - why can i do it before shooting but not after?
#5: having to survive without insta-healing abilities is *tough* but it feels kinda right. i always thought "magical" medkits were a weird gimmick best reserved for games like DOOM with not much pretense of realism.
primetide_dev  [developer] Mar 31, 2014 @ 1:01pm 
3 - overwatch will come in time, at least something similar
4- shooting ends your turn. you will get used to it (I did and I complained at first) and it makes things more fluid, we think:)
pesco Mar 31, 2014 @ 1:01pm 
forgot the most important thing, so there:

#6: what's with the (lack of) line of sight? it's handy that i can see the enemy around the corner, but it's not so nice i can't sneak my second guy along the wall without him getting jumped...
Rammur Mar 31, 2014 @ 1:07pm 
No clue i thought it was free to play? Im not giving anyone anymore damn money to beta test their games done enough of that already.
RClovesShadowrun Mar 31, 2014 @ 1:13pm 
Let's start with I'm loving it already. ^_^

#1: Like: The news broadcasts in the background. (They could be slightly louder)
#2: Don't like: non-firearm Melee attacks can't be performed along with a move. (I know, AP)
#3: Like: The music!
#4: Don't Like: Chat window not available on mission update screens
#5: LOVE: The little quips/comments characters make and the humor ^_^

...more to come.
Dragtar Mar 31, 2014 @ 1:21pm 
1. This cut version of combat is not good, and no healing.
2. Too short mission
3. Graphic - not bad, but i expect more than this.
4. What a hell with cover, sometimes i think that they usless and % to hit is strange and where chance in % for target.
5. Nice voice of characters.

Well, nothing good now, sorry..

But, I still hope that what will be in the full version I like more and game will be much better.

P.S. Oh, yes, no bugs or something - good!
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