PitchBlack Mar 31 @ 9:46am
I s there any updates from the producers or is it one of the games, that never will work so it meant to be?
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Azanthriel Jun 23 @ 3:31am 
I got it to work and played it to completion. Finishing ever single task possible. The real problem, besides a couple of bugs you can avoid once you find them, is that it seems the developers did not even come close to finishing it. I had planed to develop a Cargo Depot to separate the different aircraft since cargo planes have no business being with commercial. But the game just stops and tells you finished. Very unsatisfying.
PitchBlack Jun 23 @ 6:50am 
thanks for that info mate :)
Azanthriel Jun 26 @ 9:39pm 
Your welcome.
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