Shadow4869 Feb 13, 2014 @ 5:53pm
my 30 min review of this game. The Good, Bad and down right UGLY!
For the record I have about 35 minutes logged into this game. I will start with the good.
The idea of the game is good, but mislabelled by all intensive purposes. This game gave me a little depth as to to what actually happens when a plane lands.
The music is on par with any other sim game, and graphics are on par with a meduim budget game as well.
Ok on to the bad and ugly. You determine what is what.
For starters the driving controls. I have played Farming Sim 2013 and pro farmer, so the driving is pretty decent in those games. We know UIG has driving down. They FAILED in this game. It takes forever to get a vehicle to start turning and then it slingshots, and takes too long to straighten out. The engine sounds are straight out of Farming sim tractors, and farming sim tractors are faster than everything in this game.
At the start you have to drive every vehicle to the plane, but it looks like you can fully automate the airport with helpers over time. This in theory would be great, but the main problem here is that the game revolves around you driving every vehicle. There seems to be no micromanagement or new building that you can do,
You apparently get paid in this game by getting the vehicles you drive to the waypoints in time.
There is no tutorial system what so ever. The game tosses a plane in the runway and says have fun. When you first start driving different vehicles to the plane try to remember where you got them from. As the waypoint system only works if you are fairly close to the waypoint and is not blocked by a wall or another vehicle. Also The game says take the bus and drop passengers off at the terminal. Then next step is to take the luggage to the terminal. Once I found the Main terminal to drop passengers off with the bus I figured the luggage would goto the same place. Alas it does not. I actually stopped playing at this point.
Another odd thing as that for the plane I had to drive the terminal walkway for passengers to get off the plane, as well as the rear stairs and a bus. That to me seems completely unrealistic.

So to end this little review. If you are looking for an old school airport tycoon, build an airport from the ground up, manage terminals(inside and out) as well as everything else to do with an airport this is NOT the game for you. The reality is that this game is an airport ground crew simulator. And if you like that kind of stuff, this might be for you.