Azanthriel Feb 8, 2014 @ 11:07am
Missing Features
Where are the "many management and business options for the expansion of terminals and extension of runways"?

Why can't we automate/hire cargo handlers and have more than one?

And what are cargo planes doing pulling into a passanger terminal? They should have their own (expansion).
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FirestormMk3 Feb 17, 2014 @ 7:31pm 
I was going to start a topic on this and saw your tagline. I can understand just terrible games, but this game's store page has blatant false advertisement - a practice I have recently learned is normal for UIG. Many of their games say that you participate in the overall business of X (X being whatever the sim is about) but instead you only do one task. The game page explicitly says you make management decisions and expand terminals and runways. This is a blatant lie. I can understand claiming the "countless missions" can be justified that each time you drive a piece of equipment that's a new mission, but there is nothing resembling these promised features. Woodcutter simulator makes similar claims about running a lumberyard, but all you do is cut down small numbers of trees. You don't do anything either, you watch the same tree-cutting animation, go to the next tree, then do it again. You can't hire workers nor do anything with your "business." If you started out with all the equipment in that game, its entire content could be expierienced in 20 min tops.

Steam made a good call when it gave out refunds for Day Z and made them change their store page. Thier reputation is on the line too, because as intermediary when they sell a game with false promises it hurts them. I have never had sympathy for anyone, even myself, for buying a bad game. But these aren't mereley bad games. They are lies. If the latest CoD came out and claimed to have 50 maps and 200 player matches, release videos clearly intended to trick people into thinking these things were in the game, and further claimed they added verhicles like Battlefield only to release with none of that content there would be hell to pay and I'm sure Steam would give refunds and force Activision to change the description. This is no different. They are claiming to have features that are simply not present. The games should be pulled and UIG should have to be on notice about its marketing practices.
|00| Taggme Mar 4, 2014 @ 11:25pm 

IT WAS WAR Z GOD DAMMIT.. WAR ... Z... STOP SPREADING SLANDER AGAINST DAY Z FOR THE FAULTS THAT PIECE OF #$)%& GAME HAS! x-x War Z.. = terrible game that required a name change to its entire game JUST to lose the bad publicity it obtained in the short time it was available under War Z. (Now Infestation: Survivor Stories) x-x If you cant tell. I DESPISE when people use Day Z(Perfectly fine, enjoyable, playable game) when they mean War Z. x-x
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