yoinkster Jul 4 @ 12:24pm
An actual question about actual gameplay!
Hey guys,

I just got this with the mega sims bundle thingy and I'm trying to offload the first plane. I park it, I get everything to it, then it tells me to unload which I do.
I then drive my cargo truck with the container to the arrow and ... then what? The timer still ticks down but nothing happens. The same goes for maintainence, I drive the van over thre, park it in the arrow but the timer still ticks down? WTF?

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bry4nfury Jul 12 @ 9:08am 
does the word WORK stand before the task?
yoinkster Jul 12 @ 9:42am 
yeah it does. I figured it out in the end, it just meant that a task was being done. It didn't make sense when starting with a cargo plane but when I restarted and got a passenger plane, the waiting made sense as it unloaded the luggage etc. I got there in the end (:
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