WickedPuppy Jul 19, 2014 @ 7:17am
Good Concept. Terrible Game.
You start off with one plane, and vehicles that move like a snail. There isn't much to this game. No challenge. Several problems with Vehicles getting stuck on the road. Gates do not work. Cargo planes do not unload. I took scrrenshots of the problems on my profile.

I would recommend that Steam pull this title from its inventory until the developers address several of the unplayable issues.

The game has no depth to it. Basically you start out trying to manage the ground crew of the airport and then you pay to hire workers. The workers move at a slow pace in the beginning and you pay to have them upgraded to move faster as you go along. Then you add more gate = more planes = more money. This is where the problems begin. The work vehicles get stuck behind each other because one gate moves slower, then another gate, creating traffic jams in which there is no remedy in game to drive them yourself. So you play for hours only to find the game unplayable after several hours.

There is so much they could do with this game, but it seems the developers wanted a quick buck, and aren't offering the support it truly should have for a simulator title.