MS Ryz0n  [developer] May 9 @ 12:27pm
Age of Mythology – Version Update 1.5.2363 (5/9/2014)
Today we’ll increment the game’s version number to address some post-launch fixes and features we've been working on prior to release.

Please restart your steam client completely (make sure it’s not running in the system tray) to ensure that you get the most recent update. It will automatically download and update the version in game. Multiplayer games created will need to be on the same version to play together.

  • Executable performance improvements. Some players had reported low frame rates with certain system configurations, especially with Nvidia mobile GPUs. This should address a number of those issues, however it is important if you have a mobile GPU to ensure that the system is set to use it with the game’s executable. This may also provide some improvement to multiplayer experiences for systems that were affected
  • Hardware Audio subsystem adjusted. Again certain systems were experiencing performance degradation to how they used legacy audio acceleration. It will now default to more standard modern audio routing.
  • Mod game content loading has been improved. Scenarios campaigns, saves, and replays downloaded through the workshop into the game can be played once the mod is enabled instead of manually moving files around out of the ‘mods’ folder.
  • The mod manager has enabled support for additional model related file formats including .brg, .spr, .prt, .grn, and .lng filetypes
  • Villagers granted to players in various campaign missions no longer are on strike and will gather resources.
  • Certain double byte languages were displaying incorrect characters or ???? in game with several font settings. We’ve improved support to switching to those languages in game to re-load supported fonts. Enabling IME support may also help alleviate certain double byte language issues.

Some of the Issues being worked on
We’re still looking into a number of issues reported for a small number of players. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but can give you an idea of where some of our attention is:
  • Difficulty launching the game. This does not appear to be a single ‘catch all’ bug but we are looking into several issues. For users where the game seems to instantly close, please see the stickied thread in the support forum.
  • Missing .dll notice at launch: This appears to be likely caused by a missing or failed install of a C++ redistributable package. Steam’s platform should automatically be installing this when you first launch the game, but you can get it directly from Microsoft’s download center:
  • We are currently investigating a frame rate issue at max population when certain select conditions are met that can contribute to performance issues in late game.
  • Global chat room naming schemes are incorrect when created (there’s a lot of global 1s in there)
  • Some additional fine tuning in various double byte localizations
  • Texture compression on minor god portraits
  • We will continue to closely monitor single and multiplayer performance to make improvements where possible
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