Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

MS Ryz0n Jun 5, 2014 @ 11:22am
AOM Patch 1.8 (6/5/2014)
There are a number of community bugs and balance changes we’ll be working to push into a beta in upcoming weeks. We’ll post more information on that as it approaches. The discussion thread for this announcement is:

  • Relay network messaging is now being displayed for all users in the game lobby. This will help identify users who may cause poor network performance in multiplayer games due to their systems being behind a strict firewall and being rerouted through a relay network.
  • The Score HUD is now being displayed when one or more users are experiencing bad frame rate or ping. This will help identify users who are having performance issues and may be causing the game to lag for other users.
  • Frame rate and Ping icons are now more sensitive in game.
  • Resolved several OOS bugs, including an instance where observer view toggle could result in an OOS

Launch Failure Messaging
  • Added messaging when video cards are below minimum spec.
  • Added messaging when Operating systems are below minimum spec.

Visual Improvements:
  • Units with projectiles now show their effects correctly.
  • The Fimbulwinter god power now animates correctly.
  • The Eclipse god power now animates correctly with Day/Night settings.
  • Army banners no longer appear as solid white.
  • Idle and Group banners no longer appear corrupted.
  • Banners no longer get darker when over certain terrain types.

General Bug Fixing:
  • Additional Brazilian Portuguese history text files have been integrated.
  • Various Brazilian Portuguese translation fixes have been integrated.
  • Users no longer get false messages when trying to join a lobby.
  • Cancelling after joining a game now rejoins global chat correctly.
  • User names in global chat now sort correctly.
  • User names in global chat no longer wrap.

Desync Tracking Beta Branch:
  • Additional tracking for desyncs has been integrated.
  • Logs are now uploaded automatically.

This beta build will provide additional logging information if a desync occurs. This information will greatly help the development team in their efforts to further address the desync issues as they are actively investigating a rare desync when using god powers as well as a time specific desync when the vote dialogue popup appears. Thank you for your help!
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