Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps

Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps

Tchey May 10 @ 7:36am
Passed Beta 1, what can we expect next ?

I wonder, what can we expect now it's about 3 weeks since Beta 1, to come next ?
Obviously bug fixes and polish all over the place, but what in term of content ?

According to some other discussions, i guess, new maps and missions ? New weapons, gadgets, equipments ? Mech shapes ? Some GUI love ? More depth to the game with more interactivity with map's elements, more control over wings, alternate weapon and fire mods ? Stealth gameplay, with different radar mods ? Heat, water effect, malfunctions ? More mech parts to allow better customization ?

What not to expect, too (ie no mech customization beside loadout) ?
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mutexer (MGT)  [developer] May 10 @ 10:00am 
In the short term we are working on a new game type and make sure all bugs we can find in MP are fixed for Beta 2 which is the introduction to multiplayer for the new engine. Last week or so outside of the immediate crash issue fixes, we have been working on a new gametype that will be available as both SP contract missions and MP contract missions and will be featured on a new map. The new type lets you choose which side you want to be on and you get totally different objectives depending on which side you are on.

We have a second new gametype as well but it likely will make it in a patch after Beta 2's first patch since we do not want to hold up MP testing for it. After BETA 2 issues die down we will be working on the revamp of our persistent universe called Faction Wars. We have faction wars in the live game, but the replacement will be designed better and have both MP and SP integrated so you can contribute to the war even if you do not like to play MP. For now that is about all I can say cause I do not want to mispeak about something, but we are working towards upgrading almost everything, and we will have more information as we go.
Tchey May 21 @ 9:36am 
Originally posted by mutexer (MGT):


Any new news about Beta 2 ? Any kind of ETA : days, weeks, months, ahead ?

mutexer (MGT)  [developer] May 21 @ 9:43am 
I do not know a time frame right now. We are finishing up the new game type and then we have to check over MP and fix any issues that come up. We are looking at releasing the new game type before BETA 2 so you guys have some new content in the meantime. We self fund the game through contract work on other games so ETA are tough for us since it varies week to week how much time we get to work on the game. We are looking into funding options to speed up development but at the moment will continue to self fund the game so it does not sit with no updates. We have been self funding thje game since we first started on the game and one of the reasons it is in Eary Access still so it is nothing new :)
mwrightMGT  [developer] May 30 @ 7:55am 
We hope to have BETA 2 up by the end of June, possibly earlier if internal testing goes well.
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