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Cheese in World 3 boss stage, impossible to get.
*It turns out it wasn't in the empty space in the top right of the stage.

Sorry, and thank you!
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Xxspe  [開発者] 2014年4月23日 2時40分 
Page 238 of the game guide ;) but as you asked nicely: - You're welcome
最近の変更はXxspeが行いました; 2014年4月23日 2時40分
Oh wow, I didn't even see the (cheese?) wall! I don't have the game guide :/
Also there's an empty space on the top right past all the platforms and moving one, and it was the only empty space I saw throughout the stage so that's where I thought it was.
Maybe you could understand the frustration of trying to gain momentum from the left to the top right..
Thank you!
最近の変更はCptBrianが行いました; 2014年4月23日 7時31分
Xxspe  [開発者] 2014年4月23日 8時17分 
I can understand the frustration of getting 100% in Ethan don't worry! :)
i saw how to take that world boss 3 cheese from here and thanks for that but i'm missing my last cheese from slippery terrain level now.i'm trying again and again and i can't make it there.i arrive at checkpoint 2 with a spare pause and i use it to move the boxes near that cheese to perform a bouncy jump but i dont have enough momentum to make it up there.i end up at that saw or below that at checkpoint 3 and i have to retry the level.this is the most annoying cheese ever.
You need the mouse trap for momentum, you can't start from the checkpoint right before the slope. (You can, just go backwards)
最近の変更はCptBrianが行いました; 2014年4月23日 15時30分
wow,thanks man.that's way easier than i thought.i even tried to throw that first block with that mousetrap for help but i never tried throwing myself hahaha silly me
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