christiaan kostwinder 2014年3月23日下午2:30
game does not start
i already did windowed mode and i cant even gonfig setting resolution is gone what can i do
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Xxspe  [开发者] 2014年3月24日上午7:14 
Is Steam / Direct X all up to date? Sometimes juste re starting Steam make it work, it's really weird behaviour
christiaan kostwinder 2014年3月24日上午8:33 
i did that but its not working for me
Xxspe  [开发者] 2014年3月24日上午9:57 
Can you give me your config - we have trouble reproducing this bug
christiaan kostwinder 2014年3月24日上午10:08 
every time i go in the game i dont see my gonfigure screen

but i look on my pc screen and its 1360x768
最后由 christiaan kostwinder 编辑于; 2014年3月24日上午10:09
Staubteufel 2014年3月29日上午7:30 
Same problem here,i played this game this/last week without a problem and since today it is not working anymore.I bought it on the Ethan website no problem with the "direct" version,only with the steam version.
Xxspe  [开发者] 2014年3月30日上午9:23 
Steam version was working fine last week ?
christiaan kostwinder 2014年3月30日上午9:29 
ok here its stil not working
最后由 christiaan kostwinder 编辑于; 2014年3月30日上午10:17
Xxspe  [开发者] 2014年3月31日上午1:03 
Does the DRM free work fine?
christiaan kostwinder 2014年3月31日上午7:21 
引用自 Xxspe
Does the DRM free work fine?
Antescal  [开发者] 2014年3月31日上午8:36 
Hi, I sent you an email with a potential fix. Did you receive it ?
christiaan kostwinder 2014年3月31日上午11:41 
yeah and it does not work but i can i see resolution now but if i choose one it does not work
ladynadiad 2014年4月7日下午3:59 
I came here to post with the exact same issue. I start the game and pick windowed mode and click ok. A window comes up, closes right away and then I get a window indicating it encountered an error and must close.

The playtime on my account is via iding with SAM for cards. But I'd like to get the game working someday to be able to play it.
Xxspe  [开发者] 2014年4月8日上午2:50 
Can you email to exactly what happens (with screenshots would be awesome) and your exact configuration (use speccy or whatever you like) please ? We still can't reproduce it here >_<
christiaan kostwinder 2014年4月8日上午7:35 
game does not start here every thing i try
Xane Tempest 2014年4月21日上午6:17 
just got. can't start.
attempting to start the game just brings the convig page, pressing 'start game' just brings it back up.
starting .exe direct, admin didn't work
lowered rez, turn off Vsync and run as windowed... resets the settings when the config screen appears after hitting 'start game'

working on windows 8
little help?
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