The Red Solstice
How can I reset my profile?
I'd played this game almost 3 years ago, I would like to level up again in single player mode from zero.
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Creed Jan 23 @ 9:46pm 
click Singleplayer in mainmenu,
click "reset profile" on mission screen,
click mission 1 to start an new game.
Hope that helped.
I can't see an option to reset the profile there, only to reset the campaign.
Rank Xp for multiplayer is what you want to reset then? because resetting the campaign will do what you asked about
I want to reset my characters progression. I think resetting the campaign only resets the missions progression.
Syrus  [developer] Feb 1 @ 3:46am 
Closest you can do this is by clicking prestige, maybe we can add a brute force reset?
Hi, Syrus. Yes, a brute force reset would be nice. Because I'm returning after a long time, and would like to experiment the single player/solo modes from the very beginning.
Without a lot of stuff already unlocked, I mean.
Syrus  [developer] Feb 1 @ 4:03am 
Will see what i can do :)
That sounds fun to test it to find bugs :p i wanna râpé that option when it is out.
Sorry to dig this up - but, what does 'clicking prestige' mean? Wanted to reset my rank/profile - was a method to do so added? (not talking about campaign, mean for 'survival' mode)
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Syrus  [developer] May 2 @ 5:02am 
Prestige resets your profile to zero, gives you faster leveling and gives you + 1max energy point.
Thanks, that still means nothing to me :) Couldn't see any button called 'prestige' is it in game or on your website?
Creed May 3 @ 7:18am 
Ingame. It will become visible once you reached the last level.
You have to reach max level first? Oh. lol. Guess that's why I couldnt find it. Seems kinda odd, being able to reset your own profile seems pretty standard these days - at least for the single player aspects.

Oh well.
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