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Lmg bulwark vs GAR
So I've been doing a lot of bot runs and I can't decide what weapon to arm my character with the choices between Gar and the lmg bulwark
My opinion I think the lmg is better. but does the gar surpass it with the upgrade and better crit chance?
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dO_op Mar 29 @ 8:53pm 
45 VS 25+12 LMG-B win
If you don't move your bot, LMG-B win

Strike V
Jangonett Mar 31 @ 10:47am 
I have a strike on one of my characters already, I also run a stinger marksman, I have a recon and a heavy support left over I generally slap them with lmgs
my 4 man is smg termi, recon, hellfire bulwark, heavy
Mind you it is différent if you max crit and that gar got a second fire mode. Also ammo wise ut is really différent as the difficulty increase. (Lmg get less powerful on aetriden than gar Pierce crit on the move with upgrade)
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Showing 1-5 of 5 comments
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