The Red Solstice
Pau_wolf Mar 17, 2017 @ 9:18am
difficulty level and player level
I wanted to know if there is a suggested difficulty level, basing on your character level. I am a casual gamer, and I often lose on easy mode when I play solo, but I am not yet at level 25. I wanted to know if I am under the standard or is it normal to lose with 1 player and 3 bots under level 25.
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Creed Mar 17, 2017 @ 9:44am 
TRS is more about skill and less about your level. Yes you get an damage boost while you level up but even with that boost you won´t steamrole the game.
When do you die? Maybe i can give you some help.
Pau_wolf Mar 17, 2017 @ 3:47pm 
sometimes I die after 20 mins, never finished a mission in solo :(. If I play with others, it's funny, but I have less chance of learning
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Creed Mar 18, 2017 @ 1:10am 
Well then i just write some tips:
  • Team-set-up:
    • For you NPCs: 3 Assaults with SMGs (or GARs on lower ranks) with FMJ Ammo, Crit Module, Light weapon targeting system, Precise Fire Module and T1 Module will give you an high passive damage output. Start with 1 point in Crit and LWTS each. Then max LWTS. Then put one in T1 and max Crit. T1 will help you against burrowed enemies (so you dont need to carry seismics) and gives an crit-hit-chance bonus.
      You can also use the LMGs (if you own the DLC) (Skip the crit module if you use the LMG Creed!)
    • You should be an heavy with slow down skill to keep enemies on distance until your NPCs kill them.
  • Loot, Loot, LOOT!: As you have no medic you realy want to have an NPC that carries medical stuff like fibrins, nanos and medi packs. Same goes for explosives.
  • You as heavy should have at least 3 or 4 stacks of 20 ammo boxes. NPCs should have 1 or two 20 boxes as they will never stop shooting.
  • Make use of the Tac Mode. 90% of deaths in tac mode games are because you get swarmed. Wise target picking and focused fire helps a lot!
  • Move as stack after wave 3. Npcs will shoot the same (nearest) target.
  • Don´t loot basic locker.
  • Keep moving towards missions all the time until you got an feeling how long you need to get there in time.
Hope that helps

Also Check this Guide.
Under topic 6 you will get more help (slightly outdated but still helpful).
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Pau_wolf Mar 18, 2017 @ 1:14am 
thank you
Creed Mar 18, 2017 @ 1:15am 
Originally posted by Pau_wolf:
thank you
You´re welcome
Lord Poodle Moth Mar 18, 2017 @ 7:54am 
Positioning help, Wave zero, RUSH CENTER of map. I cant stress this enough, I have seen other leaders do silly things on higher level play, This is the only strategy that makes sense. It puts you in position to get objective 1 as quickly as possible. Without reliabel drop podders on your team, main group will have to get it. When rushing center, only grab power stations and stuff on the ground, or lockers along the way, do not go off the line to get a locker.

wave 1, loot on way to objective #1 and get objective 1 before end of wave 2. wave 4-6 get objective 2 and loot more center of map buildigns. Again, if a locker isnt on the way, dont bother, unless your searching for antivenom because someone is poisioned. MOVE MOVE MOVE at this stage.

Head to the edge of the map on wave 9 (on central try to go south or northeast, science head south, industrial southeast or northeast, military go south, residentail go north east or east, docks go northeast) FOcus on killing nto looting.

on wave 10-15 try to finish secondarys and looting on the outside of the map. Each map is a little different as to where you should be and when, but honestly being in the middle past wave 7 is usually a deathtrap, so get that stuff early on. Sometimes this is your best time to loot thoes corners in buildings. They will force enimies into lines for your guys to kill easily.


Ignore creed. DO LOOT BASIC LOCKERS. They contain stims/ ammo/ secondary ammo. NEVER go out of your way to loot a basic locker. Sometimes i shoot them open as well without changing cours,e and only go pick up the ammo from them if it drops.
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Pau_wolf Mar 19, 2017 @ 9:52am 
I got to wave 15 and project terra 4 this time
Syrus  [developer] Mar 19, 2017 @ 11:38am 
Glad they helped you, gj! :)
Jangonett Mar 19, 2017 @ 11:56am 
If you'd like to invest more time into your npc's I would go for

Heavy support armed with a gar or lmg
Run Targeting, beta IV, critical strike and safeguard.
The heavy is just a general buffer for your team he will be the first one to run out of ammo FYI

Marksman run him with stinger and make sure his firing mode is set to rail mode
Take critical, advanced targeting, vital spot targeting, and nano net
Marksman is great at cutting down dogs and killing bosses generally only use vital spot targeting for high priority targets

Assault give him the strike V make sure he's set to single fire mode for the crit boost
Take critical shot, light weapons targeting, t1 sensors and ammonite
Assault will help thin out the smaller units while also helping with dogs. T1 sensors is an absolute lifesaver for bringing up holers

As for the player I mean you can run whatever you like I generally just run either medic or terminator.

For termi I go smg
I generally take dio striker, energizer, critical strike and energy shield.
Both dio and energizer are pretty much your bread and butter and if I grab the nuke I'll self nuke with energy shield
"if necessary"

For medic I also go smg
I take steroids, first aid, pharmacology, and critical strike
I generally just spam steroids while feeding the assault and marksman with stims through pharmacology I only use first aid if I have too

Sylvi GreensSlut Mar 19, 2017 @ 2:22pm 
I solo a lot, and by a lot, I mean I got about 2 of my prestige stars doing MP bot runs.

My tried and true set up is me as Medic and 3 assaults as they have the most passive skills (Light Weapons, Crit and Ammonite) and whatever 4th skill you want. I normally take t1, but in the cases I feel adveturous and don't go medic, I make sure they all have the heal skill.

As medic I take the SMG (for the debuffs), steroids, First Aid, Chembomb or Heal Gun and Crit. I take a GL for secondary and gather all the explosives I can find.

My bots just gather ammo and stims so they can keep up with me. I have two of them that bring GARS and one that brings the LMG Bulwark. For the first 5 waves, I switch them to pistols as well as for the wave 9 Behe wave and red/greendog waves.

And that's it really...most effective, no need to keep switching between bots to make sure they're using a skill and assaults are just the kill everything in sight (ie.ezmode) class anyway.

And I have to disagree with bringing a Strike on a bot...since it has an effective range of use, and they are slower than you, with the mobs in your face all the time and their Ai isn't smart enough to target further mobs, it's useless.

I've also done an all SMG team, it's glorious but only one of us can have an upgrade and meh, I'd rather have everyone have an upgrade, everyone's fast as the wind though :D

I normally go Central, Soldier, Primary, Fast Mode (I never play with TacMode, boring and slow)...I don't normally do secondaries as they put you all over the map and sometimes you can't reach them in time. Since there's hardly any map coverage, I take the extra time not doing secondaries making sure I get all bonus objectives like turrets/marines/strols all done. You don't lose that much XP by not doing secondaries anyway.

Also, I find a safe bunker spot around the end of wave 13 (look in Guides for Lanvrik's wave timers, that helps a lot to anticipate the kinds of mobs you'll get) - normally West Central bunker next to the hospital

Good luck with your games :)
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@_@ Mar 22, 2017 @ 1:12am 
bot game without tac mode will be funny, if u can control them well,at last ,u will have a full team :1 main player &3 bots & 4npcs.
Mainplayer(uself):must know how to use explosives ,and how to move ur bot when u plant explosives。
AI(bots):3xAssault with 3xSmg(FMJ) will be best (they will kill everthing fast when it touch ur face)

Jangonett Mar 23, 2017 @ 2:58am 
Yea I do have to switch between my termi and marksman I try to do runs without tactical and farm the marines. Generally what make or break my runs is where the hellspawn is. I'll tell you what though one shotting the colored dogs and hell spawns is pretty satisfying. Not sure if I should just bunker from wave 13 to 15 yet. It's also hilarious taking energy shield and self nuking at the end. I agree 3 assaults and medic without a doubt work best. I just like flavor

Grab seismic resonators and save them for the Marijuana dogs or whatever the hell their called or the medic can Chem bomb them I save at least 4 if you have more use em on holers. After you kill one place it on them to stop them from respawning. One that respawns is annoying any more and you will have issues. And watch out for hazardous barrels they will kill you and hellspawns will burrow if they hit it. Burrowed hellspawn VERY BAD.

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