The Red Solstice
Creed Mar 12 @ 11:10pm
SOLSTICE CHRONICLES: MIA last 10 Days / Stretchgoals / Survival Mode
Only 10 days left to go for our crowdfunding for SOLSTICE CHRONICLES: MIA[]!
Thanks for your support so far!
We are looking forward to see this game finished while survival mode is "work in progress" right at the moment. Comming with this the first stretchgoal has been revealed:
Get your copy now and get your hands on the "Fluffy skin pack" (crowdfunding only).

See you on mars, marines!
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Ghosar Mar 13 @ 2:16am 
Hi, just to be sure, it won't just be a 2 player local coop, there will be a "find you partner" research function" (with one of the two guys hosting the game as well, who thus will wait for someone to parnter up with him) ? Yes ? Cause what I read made me doubt this (the "local" coop thing).
If my fears are unfounded, then will this "not only local" multiplayer feature be a strech goal ? Or a "standard" goal ?
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Syrus  [developer] Mar 13 @ 2:19am 
Atm. only local-coop (playable in more players on one pc), in future, we hope, fully supported multiplayer, or with one of the next stretch goals.
Ghosar Mar 13 @ 2:27am 
OK thanks ! I'm sure you'll find a way to make it happen, I have faith in you guys !
Syrus  [developer] Mar 14 @ 2:30am 
Thanks, we will do our best, just struggling a bit now :)
im in lets goo only 3 days left people
Creed Mar 22 @ 12:04am 
We have just hit 100%
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