The Red Solstice
Wait, Dutch still makes stories?
Night Fury

The helipad was dimly lit, except for the pulsing emergency lights which shown through the darkness. The helipad was closed off to the world on three sides, while a lone gate stood at its southern point. The West and East side had a looming wall that touched the heavens above, while the Northern area had a smaller wall and a lake. The lakes waves clashed against the rocky shoreline, like a great battle that took place many century's ago. A lone Marine stood on the helipad, gazing out onto the lake. Across the way he could make out many fires and muzzle flashes erupting all over the place, however the only sound that rang out was the thunder of an oncoming storm.

The Marine turned to look into the small compound that had more activity going on then the rest of the world. People ran to and from depots of ammo and make shift barricades, reinforcing the compound was their only option now. The rain came down at a moderate tempo, while more and more calls of EVAC came in furiously like a howling banshee. The planet was lost and now was the time to bug out, however the planet was not prepared. The planet had seen many conflicts and weapons of enormous power, yet none of that could save them now.

Sounds of an engine and gunfire came from past the gate. Soon the gate opened and a jeep came flying through, the turret still firing at an unknown enemy. Blood streaked across the front end of the jeep, and a plethora of holes were in the armor. The gates closed as soon as the jeep made its way in, while soldiers opened fired from the top. Unholy howling could be heard, but these were not the howls of an untamed beast. Nobody knew where they came from or why they twisted humanity into soulless creatures that stalked the night, but humanity knew their time was running out.

As the Marine walked down the helipad and towards the center of the compound, he saw the many civilians huddled under makeshift tents. The Marine could not look into their eyes, for he could not produce the hope they held onto. He knew the battle was lost. The soldiers from the top of the gate were under equipped for this situation, even the Marine who had a Solstice 1 suit was combat ineffective against these things. Round after round clattered onto the ground below, sounding like a chandler shaking during a violent earthquake. However that wasn't enough, an explosion of unknown chemicals hit the top of the gate, forcing the soldiers to plummet to the ground below. More shouting came from the front barricade.

When the Marine reached the front, another soldier came from the back to report a dropship was on its way. “A single dropship?” The Captain gasp. “Doesn't command know the situation down here? We need to get these people, and ourselves out of this mess!” The soldier responded saying “They know, sir. However the situation is much worse. Including us, there are only thirty-four EVAC points left world wide.” The Captain looked at him wide eyed. “That's impossible! Seventeen hours ago we still had forty-eight million left!” The soldier shifted his feet. “The situation has....escalated faster then predictions, sir.” The Captain was about to say more, but loud thuds were coming from the gate. The soldiers readied their guns, all gazes were fixed on the door. The thuds turned into screeching of what sounded like sharp claws on metal, however it stopped shortly after. Time seemed to slow down, the rain falling faster.

A loud thud hit the ground, and then another soon after that one. More and more thuds sounded by the inner walls. The night had seemed to swallow the unlit areas rather quickly as the storm continued on. The Marine loaded his grenade round into his under-slug launcher. The Captain gave out an order, and soon a soldier threw an emergency flare out towards the gate. However the gate still stood, but what surprised everyone even more, was that their were more corpses in the compound. The moment shattered as the radio operator yelled the dropship would be here in five minutes. As soon as the Captain gave the order for all civilians to proceed to the helipad waiting area, the corpse's rose.Nobody could make sense of it at first, maybe the darkness was playing tricks on them, or maybe the lack of sleep from the events of earlier today. Whatever the case, the corpses moved closer until someone opened fired. The thing fell to the ground, however the others were getting up. The soldiers layed waste to them, but more kept falling from up above. The enemy had breached the compound, but instead of going though the walls, they went over them. The tracer rounds impacting the creatures showed some detail of them. These horrors sometimes had the face of a human, while others no longer had any features that was easy to describe. Round after round, rifle fire impacted the horrors. However it didn't seem to have much affect since an endless supply of creatures kept falling. More thuds and screeching could be heard now on the gate, but it still held. As soon as a magazine was emptied, a fresh mag was slapped in. The troopers held their ground, until an explosion came behind.

The Marine turned to see, but nothing showed signs of an explosion taking place. That's when the dropship appeared below the cloud line. Its engines were on fire and it was smoking. The dropship crashed into the helipad killing multiple civilians, however with the speed and force of the dropships entry, it skipped off the pad and hurled into the gate, exploding one last time. The Marine turned to the gate. It didn't take long as more horrific creatures came forth from the gate. The captain shouted 'Fallback to the helipad!'. Without hesitation the troopers ran for the pad, jumping over their secondary lines and setting up at their last. The helipad was a mess of civilians cut in half or worse. Fire, blood and despair filled the air around the pad. Soon it was filled with an enormous amount of gun powder. The creatures shambled, ran and jolted towards the survivors. Full metal jacket rounds pierced into the creatures, ripping off faces, legs and arms while explosives turned them into bloody piles.

That's when high-beams danced across the compound, soon following the screaming of multiple barrels singing. The rounds torn into the creatures, splattering them across the compound. The troopers turned and looked to see a gunship hovering behind them with all of its armaments firing. When it stopped, it peeled away for another dropship. Due to the helipad taking huge amounts of damage, it hovered just enough to get the gate down onto the pad. The soldiers ushered the civilians in, and soon they followed. Their was no time to help the injured, who crawled towards the ship. The crew of the dropship provided covering fire on the ramp as it raised. The gunship with all its might, had only bought them a couple of minutes. As the dropships doors closed, so did the fate of humanity. What would await them on Mars?

The Marine sat across the Captain. One of the crew members walked by and told the Captain how lucky they were that the EVAC they were going to had fallen, thus they got redirected to this one. While the crew member walked away, the Captain whipped out a flask and took a swig. He wiped his mouth saying “I don't feel lucky”. The Captain looked up and tossed the flask at the Marine. “Do you feel lucky?” The Marine looked at him and smirked. “No, sir. I feel like ♥♥♥♥”. They both laughed.
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Just kidding, great work!
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Good one! :D
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