The Red Solstice
Syrus  [developer] Feb 23 @ 1:42pm
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Hello people!

Here is the campaign :)

Check it out, tell us if you love it, what you love, if you hate it what you hate.. and let's try to make it better togheter!

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i like wasd movement
i dont like the twinstick shooter tag

it makes me think simple levels, hordes of enemies.. i have read u want to make it tactical with skills and all that

but idk. something else than a twinstick shooter with wasd movement would be nice.

i am not sure if "twinstick shooter" only describes wasd movement and top down view but i mean sticks with a gamepad is like u only aim to a direction and not ot a place with a mouse for example

and i automatically think about defending a point and surviving waves of enemies
Ghosar Feb 23 @ 11:15pm 
It looks really nice, can't wait for the alpha ! In the meantime you managed to update TRS quite a bit over last few months, thumbs up Ironward !
twinstick is mosly due to controller, thats all it means. Works fine for mouse and keyboard. Helldivers and alien swarm are both twinstick and they have in-depth shooting with tactic's.
Syrus  [developer] Feb 24 @ 3:22am 
Yup,twinstick means only the type of controls it's played with :)

Honestly, do you really believe we can deliver a simple game? I don't think this kind of universe exists :p

@Ghosar ty! :p
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Feature creep is what syrus is best at. Uncontrollably so.
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I could see you dilivering a simple game if you blew them money on hookers and blow. :D
Syrus  [developer] Feb 24 @ 9:55am 
Nop, still not possible.
He doesnt to blow, just lots and lots of hard alchol, least it isnt public knowledge he does blow
Lol, it is now >.>
-@Davor  [developer] Mar 9 @ 4:12pm 
Ha, so Syrus' drinking problems are upgraded to celebrity level. Nice.
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