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Io Dec 3, 2013 @ 2:34am
If you have technical issues with the game
Please note that we cannot offer official technical support on this board, except for posting the latest patch notes.

But your games and my computer don’t work as a team! Where can I get help?
We do offer technical support. Just not in forums. Please contact our colleagues from the support via mail using http://mailto:support@daedalic.de. However, feel free and use this forum (or our official forum[forum.daedalic.de]) to address your technical problem. We are certain that many players of our games are able to help you out with certain problems.

What can I do to speed up the support process?
In order to speed up the process our support needs information of your running system and the game (version) you are playing. So please read before reporting technical issues to us[forum.daedalic.de].

Thank you very much for your ongoing support!

Best regards,
your Daedalic Entertainment Community Team
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Gomo > General Discussions > Topic Details