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Panoots Feb 15, 2014 @ 12:32pm
So does the multiplayer just not work or what?
I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, I'm just genuinely confused.

I'm trying to play multiplayer with a friend right now, and we cannot get it to work.
When we invite each other to games via the steam overlay, nothing happens.
We can see each other's games on the server browser but are unable to connect.

The game is listed on steam as multiplayer, but it simply does not work.

I shouldn't have to own my own server to play a game that is listed as multiplayer on steam's store page.
It doesn't say anywhere on the store page that the developers don't keep their servers up, nor does it say anywhere that you need your own server to play with a friend.

Am I just doing something wrong, or what?
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Eternic  [developer] Feb 15, 2014 @ 2:54pm 
At the moment you'll need to host your own server to play a game if none is available. If you are and others can't connect, it probably means you'll need to forward the appropriate ports on your router. The ports are listed under the match settings when you go to host a server. It definitely works if your router has UPnP enabled (bypasses port forwarding) or the ports are forwarded, there have been many multiplayer matches played over the past week.

Unfortunately the multiplayer hasn't been as popular as we had hoped yet, so there aren't typically servers up and ready to play most of the time. It's not typical or practical for smaller multiplayer games like this that don't have persistant elements to have their own servers operating, it's more common than not to have the setup Probably Archery currently does.

That said, it is disappointing when people trying to play can't because of router UPnP/Port Forwarding issues so going forward I'm going to work on adding support for dedicated servers and we will have atleast 1 deathmatch and Zoccer server constantly operating and easy to join. Not sure of an ETA yet, but I'll be working on it over the next week.
Ethan_Hunt-AUT Sep 30, 2015 @ 7:42am 
People can see but not join my games ("Unable to connect") even with UPnP activated. Do I have to open the ports separately or could there be another problem?
RVK Dec 27, 2017 @ 4:48pm 
Any updates on dedicated online servers?
Looks like she's dead Jim!
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