3089 -- Futuristic Action RPG

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How to Upload 3089: Futuristic Action RPG Screenshots to Steam (PC)
This guide details how to set up a Steam directory for 3089 screenshots, as well as the steps you need to take to allow you to upload them to the Steam client. The second part about setting up the Steam folders is a popular video that many of us have used...
3089 Quick Guide
by phr00t
Quick video guide by Phr00t for 3089!...
3089 Not So Quick Start Guide
by Master of Melee
This video goes into a bit of detail to explain how you can survive and thrive in the very early parts of the game....
How To Download Mods
by Wheeshnaw
The modding community is now active! Here's a guide on how to install mods (with pictures)....
3089 Quick Guide to Building
by Master of Melee
This is a quick look at all the different things you can build in 3089. The title probably made that clear, but Steam made me write something here. Blame them. Thanks for checking out my video!...
Fixing the nVidia Optimus (laptop) Crash
by NimrodX
Does the game crash immediately after the video settings screen? Are you using a laptop with an nVidia GPU? This guide will probably fix your problem....
[MOD] HD Textures replacer
by KoPAt.exe
This mod not finished yet....
New Music Mod - Download and easily install a whole new sound score
by llammahed
Want a new set of music? This sets a nice ambient feeling without the idea of trippy beats or techno....
Better Graphics (NVIDIA)
by Galil [FRA]
Hi. Today i will explain you how to get better graphics in the game. Note : High end computer recommended. If you have an AMD graphic card this will be near the same....