Niksem Dec 28, 2013 @ 1:28pm
No savegame?
Wanna exit the game, but it says I'll lose all my progress...
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Gaz Blackheart Dec 28, 2013 @ 10:40pm 
wouldnt worry too much since the reason is most likely not enough of a game to warrent needing to save takes less than an hour to talk to everyone if you are a fast reader and the game is over once you make a choice.
Yani Yan Feb 4 @ 10:41am 
What?? No save game?? It would have "saved" me MAJOR frustration as the game crashed on me after 3+ odd hours of play nearing the end!!! I can't even imagine why any game creator in this day and age would even begin to consider making a game without a save feature if not just for this situation alone. I know I would not have purchased it if I had known it didn't have one. :Arrgh!!!
Gaz Blackheart Feb 4 @ 3:30pm 
how did it take you 3 hrs to play though this...
Koobazaur  [developer] Feb 11 @ 10:17pm 
Hey sorry about that! A single playthrough never was too long, so a savegame system unfortunately was pushed back to prioritize other tweaks/features.

But rest assured it's one of those things I took a note of and already looked into incorporating into my next tile[] among other criticism of Postmortem :)
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