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Chizu Feb 15 @ 4:04am
One Level?
The store page seems to claim this game only has one level. I understand its a score attack game, but I just wanted a little more information.
How long is that one level? The trailer seems to have quite a bit of variety, so I'm wondering how long that level lasts. Is there any randomness? Is it endless or is there a finish goal to reach?
I notice the trailer has "stage-1" come up on the screen, isn't that a little redundant if theres only one :v
The game still looks pretty great, and I'll probably be picking it up, wallet allowing. (Ikaruga is right on its tail :v)
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zbosca  [developer] Feb 17 @ 9:21am 
Hi Chizu, C-RUSH is a short game. It contains 1 level witch is divided in 4 parts (stages).
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