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IHNN Apr 18, 2014 @ 9:04am
Hacked (or incredibly glitched) times
So I've spotted a few times that are just completely beyond the realm of possible, barring some strange glitch. Any time that seems a frame or 2 faster than what's possible I'll right off as the timer being slightly inaccurate, but these are the flat out impossible times. They are:

Asida 1, A to B. Player176113 and Player176896 both have 2.000. This is 1 frame faster than what I have, however I already had a strange timer bug and usually score 2.067 here. That said, this is included in this listing simply due to the pattern I noticed.
Asida 2, PhoenixRiku has 4.833, Player176113 has 5.000. I'm convinced anything below 5.3 is impossible, notably I've spoken with PhoenixRiku and on returning to the stage to see how it was possible, the best he came up with was tying my 5.333. I don't see how these are possible times unless the timer skipped on that specific attempt.
Asida 3, Doors. Player176113 AND Player176896 both have exactly 6.000. I'm 2 frames ahead of everyone else with 6.333.
Asida 9, Yes Master. has 8.067, and 2 Players have 10.467 and 10.767. Not sure how these are obtainable, but I'm less skeptical of these times as hacked and simply believe that there's some glitch involved in scoring anything below 11.6 here.
Asida 16, Building Bridges. Allack (I know you're reading this) has 9.100, which is 1 move faster than the best solution I've come up with-which KDG tied. There are also 2 tiems in the top 5 from below the first second was always full that match up perfectly with the times that KDG and I have. Was this set on a beta build? I'm gneuinely curious how this was scored.
Asida 17, Snappy Unhappy. Player176896 has 0:02.000, there is a large tie for "2nd" at 2.866. If the timer goes off by a frame or 2, that gives 2.800 as maxed. This is impossible unless a means of having toggles flipped at the levels start exists.
Asida 18, Toxic Waste. Player176530 has 4.667. This is not possible unless the toxic waste has a glitch with it and undo, which admittedly is a possibility. Probably just glitched.
Asida 23, Treasure Hunt. Player 173091 has 11.033. I have 15.167 (as of today actually). There's not another 4 seconds I overlooked here-a high 14 I could see, 11 is impossible.
Asida 24, Unhappier Snappy. Player 176896 has another time I'm sure is hacked, 7.000. This is proof to me that there is no toggle bug used in A-17, as the same person has both times. If there was a toggle bug used in A-17, you'd see a similar time here. Since you don't, they're both hacked.

Clottie 14, Reveal. xAlbobx has a 13.5, I have 18.6 (without remembering how I did it..). It's another slime level, so it could have a bug, it could be an insane route, it just seems a tad off to me.
Dobos 10, Dodgems Golems. kleber has 12.333. If another cycle is possible to be squeezed out (I doubt it) then this is possible, else it's not.
Eclair 13, Two by Two. Default has a 1:01. Unless there's a glitch with pressure plates, or a way to skip a section, this is impossible-random8 has 1:39 and I have a 1:41. I could see maybe 1:35 on this, but not 1:01 without a glitch/hacking.

Conclusion: Player176113 and Player176896 have hacked times, as evidenced by the impossible times that are exactly on the second. Any other time mentioned I would give the benefit of the doubt to and say glitched, but those times (A1, A2, A3, A17, A24) are without a doubt hacked.
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Allack  [developer] Apr 19, 2014 @ 10:21am 
Thank you IHNN this is very useful. We are working on a big update that should help with this and many of the undo glitches you've spotted.
CtrlAltDestroy Apr 19, 2014 @ 9:29pm 
Where are you seeing the level leaderboards? I cannot find them anywhere.
random 8 Apr 20, 2014 @ 1:30pm 
play the level
"info" button in bottom right corner
IHNN Apr 25, 2014 @ 12:33pm 
Clottie 9: Here Boy now has an impossible time by "Testing" of 13.667-fastest legitimate time is 27.5.
specjalista Apr 25, 2014 @ 7:27pm 
You wanna fix the impossible dear OP.
Cheaters will come all the time. I had that issue in Mark of the Ninja. I had nice high scores around 60 000 on a particular level, and then I found out there were several guys ahead of me with scores above 1 000 000. Yeah, MORE THAN ONE MILLION. No point in wasting your time on that. I just learned to ignore that.
IHNN Apr 27, 2014 @ 9:50am 
Even if it can't be fixed, it's still a listing of which times are impossible along with the best legitimately achieved times for anyone who cares to see them.

I'd also imagine that Niffler would have the ability to delete times, which would remove the problem but not the source. Regardless, I'm aware there may be glitches I'm not aware of, which is why in the first post I only said I was certain about times being hacked on 5 levels, everything else could be glitched.
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